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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Money for dental work Maksim comes in!

We have collected a few great international news stories for you, let us start with the one that will make you all smile:

  • Last week we sent out a call for help in order to collect 400 euro. The money will go to Teen Challenge Ukraine and will be used to pay for some dental work for Maksim Demkin. It was such a joy to see how you all responded, in a few days the money came in. Soon, we hope to be able to post a photo of a bright smiling Maksim. Thank you everyone for a great job.
  • In the meantime the gifts thermometer for our project Gutes Land, Germany kept rising too and has come to 2.000 euro. We desire to help them finance the construction of an after care home at their grounds. It will open a possibility for men who have finished the Teen Challenge program, to temporarely live independently, yet still under the protection of the program. This step will prepare them to go back into the 'world'. We love this idea.
  • This weekend we will go and visit Teen Challenge De Spetse Hoeve in Groningen. It is time to catch up on things with Stephan and Marianne Barendse and see how we can help them in 2012. It is freezing cold in Holland at the moment and we might have a chance to go ice skating... More on this visit and some photo's next week.
  • We have more great news to share: Traveling Light has a new board member. We are honored and delighted that Martin de Haas has agreed to be our new treasurer. So, Jan will be the chairman, Marja the secretary and Martin the treasurer. We will introduce him in a next post.

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