Monday, March 5, 2012

Successful fundraiser for Teen Challenge Ukraine!

This past Sunday morning Jan walked, without any suspicion, through the doors of De Hoeksteen church in Etten Leur. He gets invited to speak there on a regular basis...

The dear folks at De Hoeksteen, however, knew about our latest project, the sponsoring of the annual Teen Challenge Conference in Kiev, Ukraine. We had shared with them our desire to sponsor people from all over Ukraine by paying part of the cost for the conference. We had set our goal at $1,350 and Jan had offered to cut off his ponytail if that amount would come in before the conference. Well, what do you think? The offering during this Sunday morning service was more than $2,800, which De Hoeksteen gladly donated towards our project! YES!

Rene from Acolite, Breda
To make this an even more special morning De Hoeksteen had invited one of the best hair dressers in Holland to come and cut off Jan's ponytail. Under the artistic hands of Rene, from Acoli Elite in Breda Jan received a brand new haircut and that after 35 years.... go figure :)

New Jan :)
Together with the gracious gifts we already received from you all, we are able to donate $3,300 towards Teen Challenge Ukraine, what a wonderful, warm gift of love and encouragement. We will post more news and photo's in April, after we have visited the conference in Kiev.

By the way, Jan spoke about practical faith that morning, about adding actions to our faith. Well, all of our faithful supporters have certainly understood that. Thank you all, thank you De Hoeksteen!