Monday, March 19, 2012

5,000 euro for Teen Challenge Gutes Land!

HOORAY! We have barely recovered from the commotion caused by the fundraiser for Teen Challenge Ukraine, that resulted in a total gift of 2,500 euro and a haircut for Jan, and it's party time again! The 5,000 euro mark for Gutes Land, Germany has been reached.

The money will be used for the construction of a so called after care house, where students who have completed the program will be able to live for a while, before going back to the world. That way they can get used to daily life step by step and still enjoy the safety of the Teen Challenge family and grounds. We are planning to visit Teen Challenge Gutes Land in April, so we will post some more photo's later.

Thank you all for your faithful gifts, gifts that contribute to a better life!

For our next project we will travel to Serbia...

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