Thursday, March 1, 2012

News & prayer

We have gathered some news, prayer items and photo's (!) for you on this blog. Please keep an eye on our writings this week, as we will give you news on the gifts thermometers for project Gutes Land, Germany and project Annual TC conference, Ukraine.

Teen Challenge the Spetse Hoeve in Groningen, sent us some more photo's of their newly installed fire distinguishers.  Thanks to  your donations the fire safety is up to code again at the Spetse Hoeve!

We have purchased our tickets to fly to the Ukraine. We hope to be in Kiev from April 5-9 2012. We will attend the annual conference and visit with Sergey and Mariana, who are also planning to visit Onyfrievka with us, where we will be speaking in the church.
We received a newsletter from Ark in de NegevIsrael. For security reasons we will not post anything on this weblog, but if you would like to receive the newsletter, please email us. There are currently three women in the program, please pray that will find peace and hope! Pray also for the volunteers who are working there. A team from Teen Challenge Chech Republic went to visit and worked on building a beautiful white fence!

Dirk Hellmann, the director of Teen Challenge Gutes Land sent us some more photo's, taken on the farm in Germany. We often talk or write about 'projects' on this blog, but basically this is all about PEOPLE! Behind every face is a story and a future. Faces are the heart of our projects. So, here is a great pic of the guys in Gutes Land. Awesome, right?!

Last week we received a newletter from Teen Challenge in Serbia. They had to lay off four of their paid workers  because a big sponsor couldn't support them anymore. They lost 25% of their support as of January 1st. This is a huge discouragement for the directors Sasa & Svetlana Ivanonic and their staff and students. Teen Challenge Serbia has a men's and a women's home. We don't know yet how we can help them with Traveling Light, but we DO know that we can pray! Please, pray with us that new sponsors will arise, that more than the lost 25% will recover and that this year will be a year of growth and favor. Will you help us?

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