Saturday, December 22, 2012

Project Fence Onyfrievka, Ukraine

Onyfrievka house

At the end of 2012 we would like to take you back to April 2011... Believing that God went before us, we announced our first project to you all: the rehabilitation home in Onyfrievka, Ukraine. That was a big step in faith, for we had no clue how the money would come in, if there were people willing to donate and how long it would take to raise 10.000 euro, but we did it! After donating the money, it took more than a year for the sales contract to be signed. We waited in expectation, knowing that all was going to be alright.

Home group
And now it is December 2012. This past week we received news and pictures from Onyfrievka (about 350 km from Kiev). This update was a very pleasant surprise for us because a lot of work is being done. The directors of the work, Yura and Ira, already have four (!) people at their rehabilitation program.Those people take an active part in church events (home group, seminars) and they also help with the renovation of the home. That is of course awesome news. 

New windows everywhere
Despite the cold winter weather much work is being done at the Onyfrievka house, so it won't take long before it will officially be opened as a Teen Challenge center. As you can see in the pictures, much material has been donated, such as beds, mattresses, water heater, windows and doors, firewood etc. Their biggest need at this moment is a fence around the house and the property.

Beds are already there
The fence will  be approximately 300 meters long and will serve as protection for the property, the people, the building materials and household items; for it is not unthinkable that things get stolen there... We believe this is a great moment to offer them some more of our help. Building the fence will be a pretty big and expensive job, but we have no doubt the materials and labor will be provided.

Fixing up the entrance room
They have estimated that the total cost for such a fence will be around 100.000 UAH, which is about 12,500 dollars. So, what do you all think? How much of the money needed, will Traveling Light be able to donate? We can't wait to find out. If you are inspired by the work that is being done in Ukraine to get the homeless and addicted off the street and into a home where they encounter the love and peace of Jesus... please, join and help us to bless them! All gifts, large or small, are welcome.

Bank account number 1185 82 275
IBAN: NL91RABO0118582275
St. Traveling Light, Papendrecht, The Netherlands
Make sure to mention: Fence Onyfrievka, Ukraine

PS: You can enlarge the pictures by clicking on them.

Monday, December 17, 2012

2,500 euro for Project Chapel Teen Challenge Slovakia

HOORAY! We have, again, a reason to throw a party. Well, as if December doesn't have enough parties :) In record time (one and a half week) you have donated 2,500 euro towards Project Chapel Teen Challenge, Slovakia.

We are amazed and without words. Well, sort of... (we gotta write this blog post, right?!) It is truly wonderful to receive such a heart warming response to our request for help. We received such kind emails and reactions from all over Europe concerning this project. Of course a project doesn't end with a gift, it's where it starts. From now on we will be in regular contact with the Teen Challenge team in Sered, so they can keep us updated on the building project and we can share stuff on this weblog. For now, the most practical thing to do, is praying that project chapel will not be hindered, by anything or anyone. And who knows we will be able to offer some more help in 2013.

Stanislav Kunak mailed us some more blueprints of the chapel. He wrote: "Sending you the final material for the chapel. Now we seek planning permission. If everything is okay, the start of construction is expected sometime in February or March 2013. I am very pleased with your interest in our work." Wow, spring time... that would be wonderful. He ended his email with: Thank you very much:)))))))))))))) I guess that needs no explanation.

Thank you all again for your faithful support and generosity. It is beyond our understanding what can be done when we pray and give each other a helping (financial) hand.

PS: For our next project we will go back to Onyfrievka, Oekraine.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Update project Chapel Teen Challenge Slovakia

We received a warm e-mail from Stanislav and Alica Kunak from Slovakia. We would like to share part of it with you:

"We praise Lord Jesus for everything that you have written about and for what you are doing. We deeply appreciate your attitude, help and your service for God. The article is written in a very high standard. Thank you for dealing with our internal problems together with us, we are truly encouraged by this."

Blueprints of the chapel
Such an e-mail makes us very happy, and we hope it does the same to you. Encouraging people in their work and plans is something we just LOVE to do. We meet believers all over (Eastern) Europe and we often find that they are discouraged because of troubles, criticism, financial problems etc. Traveling Light wants to tell them: you are not alone, we'll be happy to help where we can! The Bible makes it clear: And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds. Let us not give up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but let us encourage one another—and all the more as you see the Day approaching (Hebrews 10:24-25).

Stanislav further writes: "Likewise we appreciate your active approach in the chapel building and your financial offering. We will use the 2500€ to purchase bricks and cement. I believe that the amount will be sufficient for building the main walls without the roof construction."

Many gifts have already come in, we still need 1,000 euro for project Chapel.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Project Chapel Teen Challenge Slovakia

Each new project at Traveling Light starts with introducing the people (the initiators) behind it. The small scale projects that we support in various countries are local initiatives, started by local people. It is our goal to encourage them, whether that is financially, practically or spiritually. In this way each project gets a face, a story... This time we would like to take you to Slovakia.

The Kunak family
In this picture you'll see Stanislav Kunak and his family. From left to right: Bibiana (the oldest daughter), Sabina (the middle daughter), Nina (the youngest daughter) and Alica (his wife). Stanislav is the director of Teen Challenge Slovakia. Yes, thank God there is Bible based care (childcare and rehab) in Slovakia!

During our visit, last month, to Slovakia we were able to take a look behind the scenes of the work of Teen Challenge in that country. We visited the children's home Compass. Alica is in charge of this house where about sixteen children in the age of 12-18 are living. The children have various behavioral problems and are often there because of a court order. We also visited the men's home Restart. Currently about twelve men are living in this home where they will hear and experience the love Jesus has for them. During the one-year program they will learn how to live free from addictions with the help of the Holy Spirit. On the same property there is the after care home Progress. This is the place where men, who have successfully finished the program, can live in preparation for their return into society.

Drawing of the chapel
Recently they started a project called Chapel. They are planning to build a small-scale construction, which will be used by the men for prayer and worship. They also desire to use it for other spiritual activities and events in order to reach the people in the neighborhood. The chapel will be a beacon of light in the area...

Traveling Light loves to shine a light in dark places, also in Sered, Slovakia. The good thing about this project is that the men in the program will help to build this chapel, so it is a practical work project as well. We would like to help them by raising 2,500 euro which we will donate towards the building of this chapel. Will you help us too?

Saturday, December 1, 2012

2,500 euro for Teen Challenge Macedonia!

Picture time with Jonatan & Valentina
YES! The 2,500 euro for Project Heating System Teen Challenge Macedonia came in. Thank you so much for your support. Whether you gave for the tenth or the first time, whether it was ten or a thousand euro's... all gifts are warmly and gratefully received. Without YOU Traveling Light would not exist.

During this past Europe Teen Challenge meeting (in Slovakia) we had the opportunity to spend some time with Jonatan and Valentina. Please pray for them. As everyone else working in the ministry of Teen Challenge, they need encouragement! We would love to visit them in Skopje, as the heater burns of course :)  It is possible for us to find some good deals on Wizzair... so, who knows. We will keep you posted.

The next project will take us to Slovakia, to the city of Sered...