Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Update women's home Teen Challenge Berdychiv, Ukraine

Earlier this year our alternative ice skating campaign brought in 7,000 euro and those funds have been used for the purchase of a house in Ukraine where women can live with their children. Women who come out of a life of addiction, prostitution, and sometimes homelessness.

In March we announced that the house had been purchased! It is now almost time for the house to be put into use. Here is a quick update.

The first thing they did was to move the kitchen from the hallway to a separate room. And of course, this kind of renovation work brought other things to light that needed fixing. 

Although the house was in living condition, many things were in need of repairs in order to have comfortable conditions for women with children.

They landscaped the garden and put part of the fence up. They also connected the sewage system from the kitchen to the street. The house has now all new electrical wiring, plumbing in the new kitchen, and a heating system in the dining room.

They already purchased a refrigerator, washing machine, bunk beds, new pillows, mattresses, and two sofas. So, it is beginning to look like home! Work still needs to be done in order to build a playground for the children and to make a garden house for summer studies, communication, and holding services.

A classroom has yet to be set up on the second floor and a few doors still need to be bought and installed. 👉 Anyway, the plan is to open the house at the end of August!

Sergey Romanenko emailed us last week that the engine went out in the Volkswagen van that is used for the various Teen Challenge rehabilitation homes. This causes quite a problem in transportation.

Perhaps we can help them with that as well. The engine can be replaced, approximately 2,000 euro is needed to replace it.

All donations, large and small are welcome and can be directed at:

  • St. Traveling Light in Papendrecht, IBAN: NL91RABO0118582275 BIC: RABONL2U and don't forget to mention: VAN BERDYCHIV.
  • 💳 Give by card
  • 👉When in the USA you can make your tax-deductible gift payable to EEO Inc. Make sure to mention: TC UKRAINE BERDYCHIV

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Project summer camps Serbia

Summer and vacation, the two belong together... for most people at least.

However, not all children will actually have somewhere to go, which is why summer camps are being organized in many countries.

Miki & Suzana Kamberovic provide summer camps in Serbia. It's been a few years since we wrote about them (and supported a project). We always receive their newsletters and follow them on Facebook.

Miki and Suzana live with their children in the Roma Center OAZA in Jagodina. They run a Roma church, a kindergarten, and a children's club and they share the good news with these kids. They have hope for the future of this young generation.

Unfortunately, the summer camps were canceled last year. But this year they had a green light. Miki and Suzana organize summer camps for children aged 7-10, and 11-15 years and also a youth camp for those aged 16 and up.

👉The theme for the children's camps is Spiritual Growth (read your Bible, pray every day!). Great to teach children at a young age that they can grow in their faith and that God loves them and has a plan for their lives, despite existing prejudices (about the Roma culture).

The first camp started this week. The children are overjoyed that something is being organized for them.

If you want to help cover the costs for these camps, please send a donation to St. Traveling Light, Papendrecht IBAN: NL91RABO0118582275 BIC: RABONL2U and make sure to mention: SERBIA OAZA.

You can also 💳 Give by card


Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Project renovation Teen Challenge center, Slovenija

It's been a while since we visited the Teen Challenge drugs and alcohol rehabilitation center in Slovenija.

So, it is about time for an update of the work over there.

Teen Challenge is no longer a tenant of the building, they were able to purchase the property! 🏡This is great of course, but it also means that they are now fully responsible for maintenance and renovation work on the buildings.

Plans are ready for a thorough renovation of the old country house. These plans include an expansion of the sleeping/living capacity.

👉On average there are about 8-12 men in the program, but after renovation there will be room for 20(!) men.

More beds, more students, this also means an expansion of sanitary facilities and kitchen facilities. The drawings and plans have been submitted to the municipality and everyone is waiting for the necessary permits.

An exciting period, for sure. We wholeheartedly support the work of Teen Challenge in Slovenija and we would like to help them with a donation for the upcoming renovation. Will you join us?

  • Send a donation to St. Traveling Light, Papendrecht IBAN: NL91RABO0118582275 BIC: RABONL2U and make sure to mention: TC SLOVENIJA
  • 💳 Give by card
  • 👉When in the USA you can make your tax-deductible gift payable to EEO Inc. Make sure to mention: TC SLOVENIJA

The proceeds from Twinkeltje and De Schor over July/August are also intended for this project.

Please, watch this documentary about this Teen Challenge center if you want to get an idea about the impact of such a rehabilitation program, it has English subtitles.

Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Project seafarer's soul care book

As most of you know by now, seaport evangelist Alexander Eberson visits the sailors on the ships in the ports of Ghent and Terneuzen.

He listens to them, talks, prays together, and distributes Bibles, Christian booklets, flyers, DVDs, and other materials when requested.

He recently wrote a book especially for the sailors, to support their life of faith. It is not always easy to be away from home for a long time, not to attend church services, and sometimes to be on board with a very small group of believers.

Alexander initially wants to have five hundred copies of the book printed to distribute to the sailors who are interested.

We think it's a great project and we want to help him pay (part of) the costs for publishing and printing.

A book costs about 3.50 euro, so if you want to make it possible for Alexander to give away as many copies as possible, transfer that amount or a multiple thereof to: St. Traveling Light, Papendrecht, IBAN: NL91RABO0118582275 BIC: RABONL2U. Make sure to mention SAILORS.

💳 You can also Give by card

Thank you in advance for your help. Alexander will be very happy with it. He reaches a group of people with the gospel that most of us do not easily come into contact with (because you have to have a permit  as a seafarer's chaplain to board the ships).