Thursday, June 30, 2016

News + prayer points

Unfortunately there is a daily abundance of bad news from many countries. We like to share GOOD news of the nations in Europe. Negative news is easy to find, good news we need to purposely search for. Psalm 72:19 says, "Let the earth be filled with His presence Yes, let it be so."

Last week we were guests at the annual Roma conference in Macedonia. Spiritual leaders of Roma communities in different countries (Bulgaria and Serbia for example) were gathered for a time of reflection, fellowship and education. For us it is a unique opportunity to learn more about the Roma culture and the specific issues that arise when they become believers.

Miki & Suzanna
Pastor Radko and Nevin Kratsov shared practical lessons about leadership and marriage. Miki & Suzanna Kamberovic blessed us again with passionate music. This time we stayed at beautiful Ohrid lake in the south of Macedonia, a wonderful relaxed place for good conversations.

It is a huge encouragement for us to see and hear how God works among the Roma people.

God sets people free!
Two weeks ago, it was also time for the annual čuvar brata svoga conference (My Brother's Keeper), this time in Slovenia. We were there for the sixth time in a row on behalf of Traveling Light.

More than 420 men from several Balkan countries (all former Yugoslavia) came together for fellowship, teaching, prayer, forgiveness and reconciliation.

Amazing to see and experience what happens there! Perhaps such things will not appear in the newspapers, but we are convinced that these are major happenings with a huge spiritual impact on the nations.

Teen Challenge Slovenia
After the conference Jan and Jim visited the Teen Challenge rehabilitation center in Nova Vas. The center is always full, and they are currently looking for a larger location.

On September 28, Nick Vujicic will be coming to Slovenia for a major campaign against bullying. The Ministry of Education has given permission to broadcast the event LIVE in all schools! The event will be live on national TV. That is awesome, because Nick brings a clear biblical message.

Pastor Steve Telzerow from Ljubljana pointed out that they started a crowdfunding campaign to raise the money needed to organize everything. Make sure to watch this touching video. Investing in the future of Europe from a gospel perspective. Who would not want that? Seeing all those changed lives is the greatest encouragement.

Summer camp Berdychiv
Furthermore, we were able to donate a nice amount of 2,000 euro for the summer camp in Ukraine which will start next week. Thank you for your generous gifts.

And in our own town...
Teus Donk raised more than 800 euro for the benefit of the second hand store we will open after the summer. With his gift we will be able to show shoppers hospitality by serving free coffee, tea and cookies.

Happy summer everyone!

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Project Roma leadership, Bulgaria

Radko Kratsov & his family
Later this month we will visit an international Roma conference in Ohrid, Macedonia. Last year we were there as well and we were very encouraged by the preaching and training we received from Pastor Radko Kratsov from Bulgaria.

Together with his wife Nevin and in cooperation with YWAM Sliven he has been active on many fronts within the Roma community, which stretches all across south eastern Europe.

Radko has the vision to bring healing and development among the Roma gypsies.

Street evangelism
He works for healing and development of Roma leaders and ministers in Bulgaria and abroad, so that they can be trained and developed in a Biblical worldview, equipped for relationships at all levels, and encouraged to be dependent on and moved by a personal relationship with God.

1 million Roma's in Bulgari
They organize activities such as children's work and street evangelism. Pastor Radko will speak again at the upcoming conference in Macedonia and we are looking forward to hearing more good news from this region of Europe!

Traveling Light wants to encourage and support people who take on initiatives in their own country. Every year dozens of people follow the discipleship training given by Radko and YWAM and they are then sent into their streets and neighborhoods. The good news that there is a better life with Jesus is spreading slowly but steadily.

There are many (humanitarian) organizations doing great work among the Roma's. Pastor Radko focuses his work with YWAM first of all on the spiritual development of the Roma people. He knows from personal experience that receiving God's love is the beginning of a new life ... for everyone!

Group picture Roma conference 2015
If you would like to help to bring a positive change among the Roma people in Bulgaria, then make your gift payable to: St. Traveling Light, Papendrecht IBAN: NL91RABO0118582275 BIC: RABONL2U and make sure to mention: ROMA BULGARIA

Thank you!