Friday, September 22, 2023

Project and activity news

On Saturday, September 9th we had another baptism party! What a beautiful day to baptize six people in the river. There was great joy and awe and that can be seen in this beautiful photo from

Whether people participated in the Alpha course, are family members or friends... everyone testified about what God had done in their lives for them to take this step. We are very grateful for that.

Together with a large group of family and friends we celebrated their steps in faith. Be sure to watch the video impression that Pieter Meijers made for us. You really get an idea of the special atmosphere.


Last May we wrote about the follow-up project of Christian Evangelical Community Issacar in Rivoli, Italy. At the beginning of September, we received the message that the roof of the future multifunctional center collapsed during the pouring of the concrete.

It is a miracle of God that no one was seriously injured. Even the newspaper said that it was clearly a miracle and that the workers were protected by the hand of God.

No one knows yet how this could have happened. The building is being built with the latest anti-seismic technology and has an iron beam every 30 cm, making it practically impossible to collapse, but it did. Inspections are currently taking place. The good news is that almost all of the iron used in the construction can be reused and the concrete can be used in the parking lot paving.

Would you please pray that the permit will be released quickly to clear the area and continue construction? And also that money will flow from the community to cover all unexpected expenses, such as a lawyer and an inspection engineer.


This month, the proceeds from our secondhand shops Twinkeltje and De Schor will go to the work of Radko & Nevin Kratsov in Bulgaria. In collaboration with Youth with a Mission (YWAM Sliven), they are active on many fronts within the Roma community, which extends throughout southeastern Europe.

Radko provides education and leadership training in Bulgaria and surrounding countries and helps Roma people develop a Biblical vision in every area of life: relationships, work, health, finances, etc.


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Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Visit to TC Winiarczykowka, Poland

Last month we visited Teen Challenge Winiarczykowka in Poland. Janusz and Bogusia Gornicki run a home for the elderly, for broken people, and for those who cannot take care of themselves. The location is a former border patrol post.

Janusz came into Teen Challenge as an addict many years ago and went through the recovery program in Lekini. We were there in July of this year! He met his wife Bogusia and together with their two sons (Simeon and Jacob) they moved south. Little Jacob was just one week (!) old when they started this adventure.

An average of about twenty men live in Winiarczykowka. Some have a history of addiction, others have psychological problems and still others are at a loss.

It is moving to see how Janusz and Bogusia extend love to people who came to them completely devastated, lost, and often lonely. That is following in Jesus' footsteps!

It was great fun to be there again. We were received enthusiastically and spent the first hours catching up on everything. Fortunately, we had excellent help from our interpreter again: Monika Skowron.

We received an extensive tour in and around the center. The vegetable garden has grown enormously in recent years. A beautiful chicken coop has been built, a goat farm, beehives, and much more. Everything was made possible thanks to donations from friends and organizations such as Traveling Light. How wonderful is that?!

Maintaining the buildings and working on the land and with the animals is therapeutic for the men and a big part of their daytime activities.

On Sunday morning there was a church service where we could share an encouraging message from God's Word. Many men were prayed for, we all had a wonderful time!

The days flew by and we really enjoyed the conversations, praying together, hiking, and eating delicious food. Our visit was very encouraging for the men, the staff, Monika, and for ourselves!

The men had prepared a huge BBQ in honor of our visit. They couldn't wait to light the fire on Saturday 😁. We enjoyed their good care and felt truly appreciated.

This is exactly the kind of 'small-scale' (we think it is huge!) work with great social, emotional, and spiritual impact that Traveling Light is happy to support.

It is direct and loving assistance to hopeless, helpless, and lonely people. 👉We have great admiration for this program.

This beautiful work is largely made possible by donations. We have been supporting them regularly (also through the monthly projects in Twinkeltje) since 2014.

This kind of support goes way beyond just sending a one-time donation for a good cause. Friendships develop and we try to maintain those friendships as best as possible by keeping in regular contact and visiting them if possible.

We want to make them happy again with a donation for their daily needs, will you help us?

You can give in several ways. Please direct your gift to:

  • St. Traveling Light in Papendrecht, IBAN: NL91RABO0118582275 BIC: RABONL2U, and don't forget to mention: TC POLAND WINIARCZYKOWKA
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  • 👉When in the USA it is also possible to make a tax-deductible gift payable to EEO Inc. Make sure to mention: TC POLAND WINIARCZYKOWKA.

PS: Click on the photos to enlarge!

Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Project updates and activity news

It's time again for an update on projects and activities. We will write a separate post about our trip to Winiarczykowka, Poland, soon.

In May, we reported on Issacar's follow-up project in Rivoli, Italy. The Christian Evangelical Community is building a multi-functional facility where weekly services, food distribution, soup kitchen, homeless shelter, and other activities will all take place.

We sent them a donation (4,000 euro) to stimulate the progress of the construction. We received some photos showing that a lot of building materials have been purchased again. The walls and roof are almost done.

Thank you very much on behalf of pastor Filippo Felice and the congregation for the encouragement. We hope to visit again later this year!


We were also able to give a donation (1,500 euro) for the Vacation Bible School activities in our town.

In August they celebrated their 45th anniversary in a playground in Papendrecht. What a party that was. Many children (and their parents) came to see it. We enjoyed coffee and talked to a number of people from the organizing committee.

They were very happy with all the support they received from churches, organizations, businesses, and volunteers. They are now looking forward to the activities that will take place during the autumn holidays.


On Thursday, September 7, we will partake in the 'Lukassen & Boer sponsor run' again (as we do each year) with an enthusiastic group of hikers and runners. This event will bring in cash for Traveling Light.

During the event you run a maximum of two (if you are younger than 15 years old) or a maximum of four (if you are 15 years old or older) rounds through sports park Oostpolder. |One round is about 2.5 kilometers long. You can run or walk. Each round you run is good for 2 euro.

The youth will start at 6:30 PM and the adults at 7:30 PM. Start at AV Passaat's athletics track, Andoornlaan 38. Hopefully, we'll see you there. We have entrance cards!


Saturday September 9th, we will organize another baptism party at river the Lek. This time we have six people (including those from the Alpha course) who want to be baptized.

Yes, obeying the command to go out into the world, share the gospel AND baptize people! We all enjoy doing it.


Your donations are always welcome. You can send a gift in different ways, please take note:

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