Saturday, April 22, 2017

Sponsoring summer camp Teen Challenge, Ukraine

As we announced earlier, the next project we want to ask your attention for is the sponsoring of the summer camp in Ukraine which is being organized each year by Teen Challenge Ukraine and the Jewish Messianic congregation of Pastor Sergey Romanenko. They are expecting more than two hundred participants in Berdychiv this year.

And hooray, this year we (Jan and Marja) will go to the Ukraine and participate in the summer camp.

The camp will be organized for men and women who are (or have been) in drugs- and alcohol rehabilitation centers all over Ukraine. But also volunteers, workers, leaders, pastors, church members, children and family members are welcome. A mid week camping out, playing games, laughing, Bible study, music, food and friendship.

The camp will be held from July 3-7, 2017 and it costs about 25 euro per person to participate. Many people do not have the financial means to pay for this camp. Due to the war and financial crisis monthly income has dropped below 200 euro. Go figure...

If we want to help again? Yes! Of course we will help. Making people happy by enabling them to go to the camp is something we love to do. We trust you will come alongside and sponsor a brother or sister in Ukraine.

If you have it on your heart to help, please send 25 euro (or a multiplication thereof) to St. Traveling Light, Papendrecht IBAN: NL91RABO0118582275 BIC: RABONL2U and make sure to mention: SUMMER CAMP UKRAINE.

Sponsoring the summer camp is a very direct and practical way to support believers in Ukraine from where you are!

Photo's: Victoria Moore

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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

More Tagalog Bibles needed!

Guus & Annemiek on board handing out Christmas gifts
Dear friends, just a quick note on behalf of seafarer's evangelist Guus Peters. Do you remember that we gave him a gift last September for the purchase of 100 Tagalog Bibles? Well, the Bibles are in great demand among the Philippine sailors, so Guus needs to restock.

Tagalog is the national language of the Philippines and Guus has many contacts with Filipino seafarers. He writes:

The gift of Life!
"Just in the past two weeks I met a captain that gave Bible studies on board and wanted a couple of Bibles. Furthermore, a young Filipino guy who wanted a King James Version (KJV) and a man who had just lost his little child (only one and a half years old) and sought comfort in God's Word."

We support the work among the seafarers and we always enjoy reading the newsletters that Guus & Annemiek send out. Guus is like a father to the sailors who are often away from home for months at the time and he regularly has valuable conversations with them about God and the Bible.

Books, Bibles, DVD's
The Bibles cost EUR 8,50 and Guus wants to order at least one hundred copies; so do the math.

If you have a heart for spreading the good news ... to the ends of the earth, make a donation to St. Traveling Light, Papendrecht, IBAN: NL91RABO0118582275, BIC: RABONL2U. Make sure to mention BIBLES.

We will make sure the money goes to Guus ASAP!

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Funds put to work at Comunita Brezzano, Italy

It's so wonderful and rewarding to receive thankful notes and messages from people we have supported. Of course we want to share as much as possible with you all. Donations well spent, that makes everyone happy!

Approximately one year ago we brought project roof repair Casa NuovaItaly to your attention. The old Tuscan house is part of Comunita Brezzano, a Christian residential therapeutic community where people with psychological or addiction problems are welcome to stay and get to know God (better).

A portion of the roof of the men's house had to be replaced. Traveling Light was able to give a donation of 4,000 euros, a good start of the 20,000 euros needed to get the whole job done. It then took nearly a year before all municipal permits and paperwork were given. But finally.... this work is in progress. Maria Meier, who runs the community, writes:

"We want to thank you again very much, because thanks to your gift we can finally have our professional contractor Massimo D'Aquila start on the roof. We received the authorization of Comune di Montieri. Everyone is happy and we are moving forward. We are also pleased that three men are currently n in therapy. With Boris in charge, Casa Nuova is pretty full! "

During the work week we organized there last year (for the 3rd time) we removed old solar panels from one of the roofs. They are being replaced with new panels now as well.

We are thinking about organizing a work week again, from August 28 - September 4. If you want to join us, please let us know. These weeks are life changing!

PS: Gifts for our current project Bibles and cows are still welcome at St. Traveling Light, Papendrecht IBAN: NL91RABO0118582275 BIC: RABONL2U and don't forget to mention: COWS. We are close to the 4,000 euro mark.
Our next project will be the sponsoring of the summer camp in the Ukraine.