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Jan Verschoor

Jan was born and raised in Holland. He has traveled all over the world in the past 25 years, while often accepting jobs as a flying mechanic. Although his desire for traveling has not subsided, his spiritual journey changed radically when he discovered the love and grace of Jesus Christ. Jan leads home- and bible study groups in the USA as well as in his native country Holland and whenever he travels in Europe he speaks at churches and ministries.

Marja Verschoor-Meijers

Marja is a freelance writer and award winning author of several books on Christian living. Her work has been published in the USA and Holland. She is the owner of a text writing business and, besides her books, writes weekly on her weblog Fresh In sights on Ancient Truths. While traveling internationally they now speak at churches and ministries everywhere.
Martin de Haas

Martin works as a system specialist at DuPont de Nemours. He has been blessed with great patience and knows how to solve complicated problems. Together with his wife Annet Besemer they love to travel to Sweden, where they have a country home that needs lots of tender loving care. Beside being a real handyman, Martin also knows how to cook, especially healthy vegetarian dishes. He has worked as a church treasurer for years and is known as a very reliable and kind person.

Board member
Cora Donk

Cora is married to Krijn Donk and together they have two beautiful daughters. Whenever weather permits you can find Cora working in her garden or high on a ladder, painting their house. She volunteers with the Dutch Council for Refugees; where she teaches new immigrants to ride bicycles!
Together with Krijn and their daughters they travel frequently to far away places, all over the world.