Friday, April 27, 2018

Events & year report 2017

Free market Kingsday 2018
On April 27th we celebrate King's Day in The Netherlands, it is the birthday of our king Willem Alexander van Oranje. It is a public holiday with lots of festivities going on everywhere.  Our stall at the free market was busy all day long. Thank you to everyone who came by for a visit. We sold secondhand stuff for 300 euro.

That amount will be fully added to the revenue of our 2nd hand shop Twinkeltje this month. The project of the month is Teen Challenge Winiarczykowka, Poland. This is a home where the elderly and lonely can live safely and work on the farm.

Making cupcakes
Earlier this week we were pleasantly surprised by a gift of 250 euro from our church the Hoeksteen in Etten-Leur. The children made cupcakes and sold them last Sunday. This amount will fully benefit the work of Brian Slater in Israel. His organization Abundant Bread of Salvation helps the elderly, single people and immigrants in Netanya.

Last week Jan visited the rehabilitation centers of Teen Challenge in Latvia. Wonderful work is being done there! The adventure continues, more about this on our blog soon.

Our annual (financial) report 2017 is short and simple... and in in Dutch only (sorry). But we can quickly share the results: 12 countries visited and over 58,000 euro donated to more than 25 small-scale projects. Yes! Click HERE for the annual report.

Gifts (large & small) for the various projects are always welcome! We are currently collecting funds for project church kitchen Navazi in Georgia. Make your gifts payable to IBAN: NL91RABO0118582275 BIC: RABONL2U St. Traveling Light in Papendrecht.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Activities and project news

Presentation in Alblasserdam
Tuesday April 3rd, Marja and Cora gave a presentation about the work of Traveling Light  at the PCOB (Protestant Christian Elderly Association) in Alblasserdam.

The Easter message (new life) was illustrated with practical examples: the down and out receiving new life at the Teen Challenge rehabilitation centers throughout Europe. We were encouraged by all the kind comments.

On Thursday April 5th, Michel & Janet van Boxtel of non profit organization Embrace were present at our mission night in our second hand shop Twinkeltje. They shared about their work among the homeless people in Budapest, Hungary. We were able to bless them with a nice check of no less than 2,300 euro. That was the revenue of Twinkeltje over the month of March and the offering we took up.

Cora presents the donation
The mission nights we organize from time to time are an ideal opportunity to bring supporters and the people behind the projects together!

Thursday April 19th you have another opportunity to sponsor Traveling Light and well by participating in the Lukassen & Boer non-profit Run.

Join our team!
Each participant can run or walk a maximum of 10 km and the organization will donate 1.50 euro for every 2.5 km round towards the Traveling Light account. Entry cards are available at the start. Take your Traveling Light t-shirt with you or ask Jan or Cora for one

It promises to be an exciting event again. feel free to come and join us. It is great to be outdoors!

In The Netherlands we celebrate the King's birthday on Friday April 27th. We will be present with our sales booth at the flea market in Papendrecht. Used books, clothes and household stuff ... we have it all. Every year we are able, thanks to your purchases, to donate a nice amount towards our projects.

Kings Day 2017
Come by for a cup of coffee, a chat or just for fun!

We receive many requests for help and the waiting list is growing. Without your gifts we can help no one. So donations are always welcome! Spread the word.

Please, send your gift to IBAN: NL91RABO0118582275 BIC: RABONL2U St. Traveling Light in Papendrecht.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Project church kitchen Navazi, Georgia

Temuri & Mziya and their youngest son
We have received your generous gifts for project garlic farm in Georgia, we are able to donate 4,000 euro. Thank you! We will keep you informed about the developments.

We will stay in Georgia for the next project as well.

In January we also visited Temuri & Mziya Muzashvili. We were welcomed in their home with much love and hospitality. Years ago this couple started meeting with a small group of believers in their house. Their fellowship was given the name Evangelical Faith Church.

Soon, the house became too small for the growing group of people. So, on a plot of land next to their house Temuri started the construction of a church. That building project lasted three years and in 2016 the doors were opened. Now, even more villagers can come and hear the good news.

Visit to the church building
It was obvious to us that this couple has a great vision for their region. The building has an upper floor where a Bible school is located. Every other week about 30 students gather for Bible study.

These lessons are provided by the Evangelical Alliance in Georgia and pastors / teachers who come from far away are welcome to stay the night. There are two nice guest rooms next to the classroom (we were kindly invited to come and give lessons).

Evangelical Faith Church
Every month the church prepares and distributes food parcels for 15 poor families in the Navazi village. It is obvious that this is much more than just a 'church', they also provide humanitarian aid. Temuri, full of enthusiasm, shared the plans to expand the church building with a communal kitchen. A kitchen where they could cook meals, eat together, organize events etc. It would be a great outreach tool to the community.

We just love such practical ideas. To distribute not only spiritual food, but also natural food. Temuri and Mziya furthermore have plans to facilitate an Alpha Course, so the kitchen will be useful for this purpose as well.

Handing out Russian editions of Grace of Giving
The intention is to start construction this spring. Traveling Light would like to help them get started by sending a donation which will be used to buy the first building materials and possibly also some kitchen equipment. Temuri is a real doer, so you understand that he is eager to start :)

We find it very encouraging that in the remotest corners of Europe, people hear and obey God's call to share His love with a world in need. Be doers of the Word, not hearers only!

You can (indirectly) let your light shine in that region by sending a gift to IBAN: NL91RABO0118582275 BIC: RABONL2U St. Traveling Light in Papendrecht. Make sure to mention KITCHEN.