About us

In the spring of 2011 we started Traveling Light. A Holland-based non profit organisation that seeks to offer practical help, financial support and spiritual encouragement to ministries in need.

During our travels through Europe and the Mediterranean and our visits to Christian organisations and assemblies we discovered that the workers in the mission field need help and encouragement, all the time! Whether it is a helping hand in a building project, a little extra money for a project or just a simple prayer... all support is welcome. Slowly the idea began to grow to start a non profit organisation that would answer to those needs. 

We like to travel and we like to travel light, that is: without high expenses and high demands. Furthermore we desire to be a traveling light, bringing a ray of sunshine in sometimes difficult situations. And so, Traveling Light came to be. To God be all the glory!

PS: we travel at our own expense. Your money goes to the projects, not to us!