Friday, March 27, 2020

Looking back at our visit to Malta

All our planned speaking engagements, meetings, conferences, lectures, book presentations, and trips have been canceled. That does not mean that the work we sponsor has come to a standstill, on the contrary.

Most drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers across Europe are full. In addition, there are also a few who have just opened their doors (Belgium and Albania).

With the necessary regulations and adjustments, everyday life continues 'as usual'. In some countries, there is a curfew, in others a travel ban and elsewhere, people have been asked to stay indoors as much as possible. We pray that in all of this God will show His presence in a special way.

In the meantime, we are taking the opportunity to tell you something about a special trip we made in 2019.

In December we were in Malta, or rather on the smaller island of Gozo. We got to know Todd and Lawrence through the Teen Challenge conferences. Todd is an American missionary who has lived on the islands for years and Lawrence is a true Maltese.

Both have been saved by God from a life of drug abuse. Together, they are involved in street evangelism and have the desire to open a Teen Challenge center for men with life-controlling problems.

For us, it was a first visit to Malta and Gozo. We were deeply impressed by the natural beauty, the historical cities and impressive coastlines.

We stayed in Victoria Town in the Gozo Jesus Center, a small church building with several living areas above. Teen Challenge would like to purchase the property to start a rehab center there. A fundraising campaign has already been started by Todd.

Todd showed us many beautiful places on the islands. We participated in the weekly Bible study and spoke at the 'Word of Life Pentecostal Holiness Church Malta' in Valletta. Of course, we enjoyed good food, a lot of walking, catching up and praying together.

We believe (for example, based on Psalm 67) that God has a plan for all nations ... which is that people will get to know and acknowledge Him. This also applies to Malta!

How beautiful to see that there are people, always and everywhere, who respond to the call to share God's grace and love with a world in need.

GIFTS (large and small) for all our projects are always welcome and can be directed at St. Traveling Light in Papendrecht, IBAN: NL91RABO0118582275 BIC: RABONL2U.

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

3rd phase project Teen Challenge Moldova

TC home Falesti
In September of last year we posted about phase 2 of the construction work at the Teen Challenge men's home in Moldova.

The Weissensee fundraiser we organized in 2019, brought in a nice sum for the expansion of the Teen Challenge rehabilitation house in Falesti. The house provides help for men who struggle with life-controlling problems.

A team of students from the Teen Challenge program in the Czech Republic traveled (twice) to Moldova to help insulate the roof, finish three rooms and a classroom and install all the electricity. The third phase, installing plumbing, lighting and heating, was planned for April 2020.

2nd floor Falesti home
Due to the travel restrictions that currently apply to many countries, this planned trip had to be canceled. A later date will be chosen.

What we can do in the meantime to encourage them, is to collect funds so that the construction team can get to work as soon as the green light will be given.

TC rehab home in Soceleni
If you want to help (again), you can send your precious gift to St. Traveling Light in Papendrecht, IBAN: NL91RABO0118582275 BIC: RABONL2U. Make sure to mention: TC MOLDOVA.

In October 2018 we visited Moldova, you can read that story HERE. The new rehab home for men, in the village of Soceleni, is also in full operation. For sure they can use some (financial) help there as well.

So, we think it is the right thing to do to raise funds for the work of Teen Challenge in Moldova, because the work among the desperate never stops!


PS: We raised 5,000 euro for the cow project in Belarus!

Sunday, March 8, 2020

Year report 2019

We are thankful for the opportunity to present an infographic (click on the picture for a better view) of our activities and finances in 2019. We can report a record in donations for 2019 đź’—

Together we have raised more than 89,000 euro for the various projects and that amount has almost entirely gone towards the intended projects. Only the bank charges have been paid from the donations. If you give to Traveling Light, you really give towards a project! (As board members and volunteers we pay all travel, process and overhead expenses out of our own pockets)

We have visited fifteen (!) countries, conducted Bible studies, preached in churches and supported more than 25 different projects. In doing so, we have responded to the great commission Jesus gave us: Go into the world and disciple the nations!

Our light shines closer to home as well. Our secondhand shop/coffee house Twinkeltje has become a household name in Papendrecht and the surrounding area. Every month, the proceeds (on average 1,000 euro per month) go towards one of the projects Traveling Light supports. On Saturday afternoons it has really become a living room for the neighborhood, while Tea & Talk on Monday afternoons is also very well visited, especially by immigrant women.

We are very grateful for loyal volunteers who help on Saturdays and offer creative workshops each month. We have also received visitors from abroad, from Georgia, Sweden and the USA. The mission nights we organize, give a platform to our visitors to present their work. We also celebrated the Seder meal in Twinkeltje and held a special Israel night.

And then there is prison work, Alpha prison, discipleship evenings, regional prayer meetings, Re-Store (healing room) and Prayer for the Nations. too much to mention really. We would like to thank everyone who made 2019 a good and fruitful year. It would not be possible without your help.

GIFTS (large and small) for all our projects are always welcome and can be directed at St. Traveling Light in Papendrecht, IBAN: NL91RABO0118582275 BIC: RABONL2U.