Thursday, August 29, 2013

Photo's project Onyfrievka, Ukraine

Onyfrievka home and fence
We just came back from a visit to the Ukraine. We had an incredible week, we could write a book about everything we experienced. It was a very useful, encouraging and blessed trip, in every way.

We were invited to speak at the annual Teen Challenge conference, we visited the Coffee House in Kiev and made a trip to Onyfrievka, the place of our very first project, the establishing of a residential rehabilitation home. Do you remember?

Residents and workers at Onyfrievka house
In the summer of 2011 we raised 10,000 euro which was enough for pastor Aleksander Fedorov (from Church of the living God in Onyfrievka) to purchase a building where they wanted to start a rehabilitation home for people with life controlling problems. At the beginning of this year we donated another 6,000 euro for the construction of a fence around the whole property. On the property is a children's home, a rehab home and several other buildings. Last week we were able to see everything with our very own eyes.

We were given a tour
The home is not completely finished, but it houses several men and women already that are well on their way to start a new life. The children's home was already there, which is also being managed by the church of pastor Aleksander Fedorov. At the moment sixteen children are living there. The church will try to find families in the Ukraine who want to adopt these children. One of the ladies in the rehab center has her child close by, in this house, which is a huge relief for her and makes her time in the program a little easier.

Nap time in the children's home
The rehab home and the children's house are looking great, and the fence is perfect, very good quality. It provides protection for everyone in the center and children's home. It is so wonderful to see how the donations of Traveling Light are being used, that makes us really happy. The gratefulness of the people who live and work in the home is overwhelming, it is beyond their understanding that help came all the way from Holland. All these happy faces and changed lives... that is why we do what we do!

We would love to help them again in the near future.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Project heater Teen Challenge Poland

Zbyszek & Ewa Urbaniak
May we introduce to you Zbyszek & Ewa Urbaniak. They are the founders and directors of Teen Challenge Poland. For the past 25 years they have given their time and talents to the work among people with life controlling (addiction) problems in their country.

Throughout Poland there are men and women's rehabilitation homes, after care and coffee houses. Recently we visited the men's home in Lekini and the women's home in Broczynie. The men's home is located in a former military base and their is a very special story attached...

Years ago a colonel from the Polish army came to Zbyszek, with his son who was addicted, and asked for help. At that time they already had the Broczyna center with 22 people in it, but there was a waiting list of six months! A difficult situation if you really need help. The colonel suggested to take a look at a former military base that had been standing empty for years.

Men's rehabilitation center in Lekini
With help from various corners of the world they were able to buy and upgrade the base. Over the years hundreds of men have been able to start a new life here. At the moment 52 men are living at the Lekini center. By the way, the son (Janusz Górnicki) of the colonel is doing well, he is married, has kids and runs a home in the south of Poland.

The former military base consists of several buildings (dormitories, kitchen, offices, restaurant etc.) and is being heated in winter through 2 huge wood burners. An extensive system of pipelines transports the heated water underground to all buildings, like a kind of city heating system. The heaters need to be replaced. The price per heater is about 7.000 euro. Traveling Light wants to raise funds for one heater.

main wood heater
Let's be honest, we all have a choice: we can join in the talk about drunken Polish people or we can be pro active and support the loving work among these families in Poland. When the life of a man or woman changes radically and for real, their families, friends and sometimes even villages will be effected. We have seen if with our own eyes! We are greatly impressed with the work that is being done in Poland to help people with life controlling problems to start a new life and a new future with the help of Jesus Christ.

We are not afraid to put out a challenge to churches, organizations, businesses or individuals.... Who dares to take on the other heater ? Ask around, share this post.

Please, contact us if you have faith to raise 7,000 euro as well. Together we can bless Poland! Email:

For those in the USA, you can give your tax deductible donation HERE. Make sure to designate your gift: TC Poland, HEATER

Saturday, August 10, 2013

News items & prayer

Heart of God: loving people
What a wonderful week we had, overflowing with blessings! We have collected some news items  for you, and yes, it's ALL good news at Traveling Light :)

Sunday August 4th an offering for our project sponsoring annual Teen Challenge conference in Ukraine was being held in the Hoeksteen church in Etten-Leur. In no time 3,000 euro came in. Everyone was so excited, we were all jumping for joy. Together with several other specified gifts we received, we were able to donate 3,100 euro to Teen Challenge Ukraine. One and a half week from now we will be traveling to Kiev and will experience first hand what your gifts have accomplished. Of course we will post an article and photo's of that visit. We want to sincerely thank you for your generosity and heartfelt response, also on behalf of Teen Challenge Ukraine. Please pray for a safe trip and a fruitful conference.

Going into the streets
Monday & Tuesday outreach event Code Red was being held in Amsterdam, organized by Victory home and Victory Outreach. The team went into the streets of the red light district to invite women for a special event. They were treated to a free lunch, theater, prayer, talk, dinner etc. The team had set up make-up and hair salons where the women were treated with love and dignity. What a great initiative; reaching out in love to those that are hurting, lonely and trapped in a destructive lifestyle. Yes, this is in our own country Holland! Let's pray this outreach will bear much fruit.

Wednesday there was a great article in one of our regional news papers about Traveling Light. The article was well written, personal, and very true to our mission. We are very thankful for positive press. The more people know about our projects, the more support we can expect... the more projects we can take on. Did you know you can help us too? Yes! Simply by spreading the word about Traveling Light through email, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Google+. Sharing is caring, and this positive news will spread like fire all over Europe. Please, pray for new supporters.

Thursday: the 1,000 euro for our project tractor lawn mower Spetse Hoeve is almost in, we still need 300 euro. We are so happy with all the gifts that came in already. If you want to help us out, please send your gift to:

Rabo bank nr. 1185 82 275 St. Traveling Light, Papendrecht
IBAN: NL91RABO0118582275

Next week we will announce a new project on this weblog: Project heater Teen Challenge Poland.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Project tractor lawn mower Spetse Hoeve, Netherlands

Isn't it a beauty?
A little while back we received a request from the Teen Challenge men's home The Spetse Hoeve in Veelerveen, here in The Netherlands. They asked whether we could help them to find a good tractor lawn mower. They have a lot of grass around the men's rehabilitation home which they've been mowing by hand. It's time for a professional upgrade.

We asked one of our neighbors if he was willing to sell his Husqvarna tractor mower, which he hardly ever used. The new price was around 3,500 euro, but he agreed to sell it for 1,000 euro to help Teen Challenge. Wow. Great deal!

Two volunteers from the Spetse Hoeve came to pick it up and they're using it every day around the men's center. So, it's up to us to raise the 1,000 euro needed to pay for this machine. The men at the Spetse Hoeve are very happy with their new machine... so, we're happy too:)

Do you have a heart for technical projects? You can send your gift to:
Rabo bank nr. 1185 82 275 St. Traveling Light, Papendrecht
IBAN: NL91RABO0118582275