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Friday, April 22, 2011

First project!!

Rehabilitation home in Onyfrievka
During the Europe Teen Challenge Conference we had several talks with the directors of Teen Challenge Ukraine, Sergey and Mariana Glushko. A young and dynamic couple that have a heart for those suffering as a result of drugs and alcohol addiction. Sergey knows what the power of God can do in such a life, he was a drug addict himself and is now totally free!

Sergey told us about his dreams and vision and, we must admit, his enthusiasm is very contagious! Currently there are already six centers in the Ukraine, also an orphanage! There is however a need for more residential homes, so even more former addicts can live, work and study. "The house we are currently looking at is perfect", Sergey told us. "It is close to the church and to the orphanage, it even has apartments where staff members can live and some land so we can start a vegetable garden. It is in the village of Onyfrievka." The house will offer room for an additional 30 people! Just imagine the difference this will make in the lives of people who think there is no hope and no future!

The price of this property is 12,500 US$. We went home and just couldn't stop thinking about it and so this will be the first project we would love to support! We believe it can be done! We already started fundraising in Holland and we are planning to visit TC Ukraine as soon as we have all the support necessary to really bless this young couple! If you're in the USA and feel you want to join us in our efforts, it is possible to give your tax deductible gift HERE. Make sure you mention ONYFRIEVKA UKRAINE!