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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Onyfrievka Project

room for at least 20 men
Where in the world is the Ukraine?
As we posted earlier on this weblog, the first project we want to financially support is the purchase of a building/house in Onyfrievka, Ukraine. This property will be used for the establishing of a Teen Challenge rehabilitation center for former addicts. Worldwide more than 1100 such centers can be found in over 85 countries. Each center takes care of their own fundraising, some generate income through work projects while others are being supported by local churches and families. Although circumstances differ from country to country, each center relies on the goodwill of donors and supporters. The other day someone asked us why we choose a project so far away. Where in the world is the Ukraine?

Sergey teaches Bible study
Well, it is a European country north east of Romania... does that help? :) When we started this non profit, we wanted to support small projects in countries where the local people have decided to put their hands to the plow and change the social, economic and personal circumstances of individuals and families... and eventually towns and regions! We would love to inspire and motivate them to keep up the good work. As a result of our traveling we already have useful contacts in Holland, Sweden, Germany, Slovenia, Serbia, Romania and Israel, and yet our heart was captured by Sergey & Mariana from Ukraine. Teen Challenge Ukraine was established in 2008 and currently Sergey & Mariana are the national directors. Within a few years time six centers and seven coffee houses have been opened! Sergey was a drug addict himself but Jesus Christ has set set him free from a destructive lifestyle. He now has the desire to help others! And it works, we have personally seen it work like this in many countries. People like Sergey have a drive, a passion and a love for their fellow men. There is no lack of enthusiasm...

Bible in many languages
Many Teen Challenge centers have started with a coffee house, a place where addicts can come for a cup of coffee and a listening ear. Often this is the place where many people hear the good news of Jesus Christ for the first time: they can be FREE! When addicts decide they want to start a new life they can enter a residential program (if one is available in that country). In the Ukraine, as in many other countries, there is no lack of addicts...

Street work
So, what is lacking? Finances and encouragement. When we heard Sergey's story and saw the pictures of the house he would love to purchase we were sold out: 12,500 dollars for a place where an additional 20 or 30 men can live, work and study. Can you imagine how many lives, how many futures and how many families will be positively affected when these men have a safe place to stay and grow in their new found faith? It is a lot of money if you don't own anything, it is nothing if we decide to collect it as a team. Yes, the house will need an extreme make-over in order to make it into a home, but that is the next step :) We seriously want to do our best to help this young couple to reach their next goal. Sergey e-mails me a few times a week, asking for updates. I can't wait to tell him we are on our way...

For our friends in the USA who asked us if they can make a contribution: YES! It is certainly possible to give a tax deductible donation. Please e-mail us at janandmarja@gmail.com when you do. Click here to donate!