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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Long awaited update

It has been a while since we updated this weblog. That doesn't mean we've been lazy or inactive :) It is our great joy to share the following news with you:

Onyfrievka property
Over the past month a steady stream of gifts came in, all dedicated to the Teen Challenge Onyfrievka project in Ukraine. Small gifts, large gifts, surprising gifts and spontaneous gifts. We are super happy to announce that we have passed the € 6.400 mark here in Holland! Isn't that awesome? We are striving to collect the needed 10.000 euro's that are necessary in the first place to purchase the property in Onyfrievka. We will be planning a trip to the Ukraine soon, but we NEED to have the 10.000 to take with us :)

For those in Europe who would like to help us, you can donate to our Dutch non-profit, see the FAQ's tab at the top of this weblog.
For those in the USA who would like to help us, you can give your tax deductable donation HERE, make sure to mention Onyfrievka.

Dennis Griffith House, Slovenia
Next week Thursday Jan is planning to hop on his BMW motorcycle and go to Slovenia, where he will visit Matjaz & Magadalena Horjak. The Teen Challenge center is up and running since last winter and they always need encouragement, whether it is in the form of practical help, financial support or spiritual uplifting. Of course we will post about this trip on this weblog and share some photo's of the new Dennis Griffith house.