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Monday, September 5, 2011

Ark in the Negev project

Well, today we transferred the 3.000 euro's for the soup kitchen in Netanya, Israel. With that done, the project didn't come to an end, it's just getting started. We will continue to follow Brian Slater's efforts, who manages the soup kitchens in  Israel. He is ALWAYS in dire need for volunteers, so if you're thinking about visiting Israel, make sure to sign up for a couple of days or weeks of volunteer work. You can email us about details.

The next project we would like to sponsor is also in Israel. May we introduce to you Polly Sigulim. Jan met Polly in 2009 during a seminar in Israel and later that year we both met her during Spiritual Emphasize in Riverside CA, an annual event organized by Teen Challenge Southern California. She then stayed with us in Ventura for a week or so and during that time she shared her dream with us: the opening of a home for battered and abused women in Israel. A safe place for women from all backgrounds (Jewish, Arab, Bedouin, Russian etc.) where they can experience the love of Yeshua (Jesus).

Polly grew up in the USA but has lived in Israel for more than 20 years. She became a widow at a young age and was left with the care for her three small children. She also took in many foster children. Now that her children are adults she really wants to give meaning to her life by helping others in need. We believe in Polly's dream and are happy that now we are able to help her 'officially'. A few weeks ago she e-mailed us that she finally was able to rent a house that would serve as a womens' home. Yes, we are so happy and excited that Polly's plans are beginning to take shape. We asked her for immediate needs and she told us she is getting a lot of help from all over, even from the 700club, which is awesome. However, they still need money to fix the roof of the porch and to purchase patio furniture, so they can have a livingroom outside. Arad is in the Negev desert, so it's always warm. They will need 1,500 euro's for this.

We think that is just the right amount for Traveling Light. We will start fundraising this week for this small scale project that will have a huge impact on the lives of women, mothers, & children in the land of Israel. We are hoping to visit the new home next month.