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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Update project Spetse Hoeve

We barely announced our new project The Spetse Hoeve, Groningen, or donations started rolling in :) Wow, the gifts thermometer rose to 2,050 euro's in just a few days, that is so awesome.

Our goal is to raise 2,500 euro's needed to pay the recent fire safety bill that was presented after inspection. They will need to purchase new fire extinguishers, fire alarms, camera's and cables, an AID and some other emergency equipment.

Together with Stephan Barendse, the director of the Spetse Hoeve and Teen Challenge Holland, we also came up with a way to bless the guys in the program personally. Each time a student enters the program they receive a pocket New Testament. For many that is the first time they read the good news. After a few months in the program the men receive their own Bible. A good quality Bible costs around 50 euro's. If the Lord puts it on your heart to purchase a Bible for one of the students in the program, you can do so by sending a special gift of 50 euro's to Traveling Light. Make sure you mention 'Spetse Hoeve Bible'.