We welcome your cheerful gifts for the following CURRENT projects

Monday, December 5, 2011

Update & notes

We are in Tonopah, Arizona, USA at the moment, quite a remote area... but wifi nonetheless :) So, here's a few updates on current projects:
  • Since we announced our latest project, the support of pastor Steve and Barbara in Ljubljana, Slovenia, the gifts kept coming in. So far we have received 1,800 euro's for them, which is super! What a great response. It makes the goal of 2,500 euro's suddenly less difficult. What do you think, will we reach our goal before the end of this year?
  • We have removed some sensitive information about the Arad project in Israel, for security reasons. We hope you understand this. There have been some threats from ultra orthodox, so please pray for the safety of Polly and the women involved in the program.
  • As far as the Onyfrievka project in Ukraine is concerned, negotiations to buy the property are still continuing. Please pray with us for a breakthrough in this, so that a new Teen Challenge men's house can be opened asap!
The work we do as Traveling Light is slowly being noticed in Europa and the USA. In recent weeks we have received some very kind and encouraging reports. So, thank you to our supporters, it is only because of your generosity that we can do what we do! Who knows, one day we will incorporate as a non profit in the USA too.

Greetings from Jan and Marja.