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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Project Raskrsce Teen Challenge, Serbia

Old life ... new life
See the picture on the left? That's Milena... She could be your daughter, your sister, friend of neighbor. Her life has been changed by the power of the gospel, the good news about Jesus Christ. Helping people to step from darkness into light, that's the business of Raskrsce Teen Challenge in Serbia.

In 2000 Sasa and Svetlana Ivanovic opened a home in Serbia for men with serious addictions. They knew that world better than anyone, as they struggled through years of heroin addiction themselves... until they found true freedom! Their hearts desire was to help others and they have been doing so successfully ever since. We have met them on several occasions and were amazed at their powerful testimony. In 2008 they opened a women's facility too. Beautiful homes where men and women are being loved and cared for.
Sasa & Svetlana Ivanovic

Their support comes from churches, individuals and organisations in the USA and Europe. As of January 1st 2012 they lost a big chunk of support ($5000 per month) and unfortunately they had to let some of their workers go, sell two of their vans and they were forced to cut back on salaries as well. Tragic of course, as these homes are their life's work. They quickly got behind on paying their utility bills and recently the gas/electrical company came by to give them a last warning before disconnecting their utilities. All in all a difficult situation, Sasa and Svetlana do not even want to think about closing the homes. Raskrsce Teen Challenge must stay!

Men's home
Their cry for help came to our attention. "'This is the most difficult and challenging time we are going through since we started the centers" said Sasa in a recent email. Well, we have come up with two ways to help...
1) We want to raise 4,500 euro to help them pay their utility bills. The sooner we can send money, the better!

2) We have named the second part of this project: STEPPING UP 4 SERBIA. We are currently looking for 50 Teen Challenge centers (but churches, businesses, families, and individuals are invited too!) who are willing to carry the burden together. We are looking for people who, despite of their own circumstances, have faith to step up for Serbia and donate $100 (or €100 when in Europe) per month as of April 1st, 2012. Your monthly support will be temporary, at least UNTIL new long-term sponsors come forth, which will happen if we keep praying! By helping Serbia to carry the burden it becomes much lighter. The Bible clearly teaches: Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ (Galatians 6:2).

If you are one of the 50 sponsors we are looking for, don't send us any money yet, send us an e-mail as soon as possible at janandmarja@gmail.com simply saying: Yes, we want to step up 4 Serbia. We have already started the count down. As we are typing this message people are stepping up, we still need 41 sponsors!

We truly believe we can do this together. Shouldn't we treat others as we want to be treated?! We are looking forward to your replies. This is a very URGENT need!