Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Project heater Teen Challenge Poland

Zbyszek & Ewa Urbaniak
May we introduce to you Zbyszek & Ewa Urbaniak. They are the founders and directors of Teen Challenge Poland. For the past 25 years they have given their time and talents to the work among people with life controlling (addiction) problems in their country.

Throughout Poland there are men and women's rehabilitation homes, after care and coffee houses. Recently we visited the men's home in Lekini and the women's home in Broczynie. The men's home is located in a former military base and their is a very special story attached...

Years ago a colonel from the Polish army came to Zbyszek, with his son who was addicted, and asked for help. At that time they already had the Broczyna center with 22 people in it, but there was a waiting list of six months! A difficult situation if you really need help. The colonel suggested to take a look at a former military base that had been standing empty for years.

Men's rehabilitation center in Lekini
With help from various corners of the world they were able to buy and upgrade the base. Over the years hundreds of men have been able to start a new life here. At the moment 52 men are living at the Lekini center. By the way, the son (Janusz Górnicki) of the colonel is doing well, he is married, has kids and runs a home in the south of Poland.

The former military base consists of several buildings (dormitories, kitchen, offices, restaurant etc.) and is being heated in winter through 2 huge wood burners. An extensive system of pipelines transports the heated water underground to all buildings, like a kind of city heating system. The heaters need to be replaced. The price per heater is about 7.000 euro. Traveling Light wants to raise funds for one heater.

main wood heater
Let's be honest, we all have a choice: we can join in the talk about drunken Polish people or we can be pro active and support the loving work among these families in Poland. When the life of a man or woman changes radically and for real, their families, friends and sometimes even villages will be effected. We have seen if with our own eyes! We are greatly impressed with the work that is being done in Poland to help people with life controlling problems to start a new life and a new future with the help of Jesus Christ.

We are not afraid to put out a challenge to churches, organizations, businesses or individuals.... Who dares to take on the other heater ? Ask around, share this post.

Please, contact us if you have faith to raise 7,000 euro as well. Together we can bless Poland! Email:

For those in the USA, you can give your tax deductible donation HERE. Make sure to designate your gift: TC Poland, HEATER