Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Project women's home Berdychiv, Ukraine

HOORAY! We have reached our goal of 7,000 euro for project heater Teen Challenge Poland. Fantastic! Thank you very much everyone who gave and prayed. This past weekend we met with Tim Urbaniak from Poland, at the Europe Teen Challenge Fall meeting in the UK. He told us that the new heater will be installed in the first week of December. Photo's will follow soon.

Pastor Sergey Romanenko and his family
Now, we would like to introduce you to pastor Sergey Romanenko and his family. He is the pastor of a Jewish Messianic congregation in Berdychiv, Ukraine. He is very much involved in the work among the addicted, homeless and poor in the Ukraine.

It is his dream to open up a rehabilitation home where women and their children can live and grow towards wholeness. Many addicted women in Ukraine refuse to enter a rehabilitation program because they cannot take their kids with them. Their children will have to stay with family or in orphanages.

This will be a safe home for women and children
This is really sad, because the separation of mother and child is a hindrance to (emotional) healing. Quite often the addicted women have lived in the streets, have been abused and prostituted. Their child is often the only valuable thing they have and cling to.

This past August we talked about the need for family rehab homes, when we were visiting Ukraine. It turned out pastor Sergey already had a house in mind that he wanted to purchase... They already had some money saved towards the purchase of property or at least towards the making of a down payment.

The kitchen needs renovation
It just broke his heart to see all these women walk away from the change to start a new life, out of fear of losing their child. It is therefore his dream to open many homes for women and children. In faith he went to the local bank for a loan... he did not want to miss out on this house. We believe with him that this will be the first of many homes to be opened throughout Ukraine.

It was his wish to start with the renovating of the house as quick as possible, so women will be able to move in soon. Well, together with a team of volunteers he has started to work in and around the house. We do not doubt for a moment that this will become a safe and warm place where women and their children can live and encounter the love of Jesus Christ on their way to restoration and well being.

Pastor Sergey needs 5,000 euro to officially purchase this house. Traveling Light would love to help him with this. We cannot think of a better and more joyful investment.

Will you help us?
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