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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Visit to Teen Challenge Winiarczykowka, Poland

Sharing the joy!
A few weeks ago we (Jan and Marja) visited Janusz & Bogusia Gornicki in Poland. At the end of 2010 they opened a rehabilitation and crisis center for addicted and homeless (elderly) people in the south of Poland.

A wonderful story of grace and restoration when you realize Janusz came into Teen Challenge years ago as an addict and went through the recovery program in Lekini. He met his wife Bogusia and together with their two small children they moved south. Little Jacob was just one week (!) old when they started this adventure.

The center is at the Polish/Slovak border
And now, only a few years later, the center in Winiarczykowka is fully operating. About 10-12 men/women live there and daily receive prayer, counseling, encouragement, a warm bed, food and clothing. This center is special because it also houses elderly people who were homeless and/or totally alone. 

It is so encouraging to see how Janusz and Bogusia, their staff and volunteers give love to people who came in hopeless, helpless and lonely. This is the life and lessons of Jesus in practical day-to-day life. No theology needed...

Visiting the beautiful city of Krakow
We were received with such hospitality and warmness, that it overwhelmed us. We really had time to share Gods word, to pray and talk with people en to make the men laugh :) And yes, we made a visit to the historic city of Krakow and also a beautiful hike through the surrounding countryside.

We were able, thanks to your donations, to transfer 4,000 euros for project sewage treatment plant. Please pray with them for a fast release of paperwork and necessary permits and for favor with the local government agencies and officials AND for the rest of the funds to come in.

Folkloric patterns
Bogusia helps the men and women in the center to discover and develop their creative talents. They make and sell all kinds of cool and colorful gadgets at local markets and in churches to help raise the necessary funds  to run the center.

Especially and exclusively for the supporters of Traveling Light Bogusia and her crew made book marks with local folkloric designs and patterns as a way of saying thanks for your prayers and financial support. Send us an email and we will send you one of these handmade articles.

This is exactly the kind of small scale work that Traveling Light loves to support and endorse. It is direct, practical help and loving care for people who are helpless, lonely and homeless. Extending grace to those that have been rejected by society and are regarded as hopeless cases. We have great admiration for this work!
Happy gang in Winiarczykowka

Thank you very much everyone.