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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Anniversary adventure

Happy with a sandwich
Two weeks ago Jim and Lynda Hayes left by train for Amsterdam. They 'celebrated' their 30th marriage anniversary by spending a whole weekend homeless on the streets. With project homeless honeymoon they wanted to raise awareness about the work of Teen Challenge in Slovenia.

It didn't take long for them to discover that finding food was not the problem. There are many churches and charities in Amsterdam doing fabulous work. Jim & Lynda were also surprised to find out how easy it was to collect some money for survival!

Lynda trying to sleep
The biggest problem was to find a place to sleep. Under bridges, in front of the train station, in shop doorways, behind large flower pots... they were moved on several times.

After three restless and emotional challenging days and nights they were so worn out and tired that they fell asleep on the train back home, and nearly missed their station :) Jim & Lynda were shocked to see the street life after two o'clock at night among the addicts, homeless and illegals. 'It is not too difficult to gather food and money', said Jim, 'but what people really need is a new life through Jesus Christ.'

And that is exactly what Teen Challenge wants to offer: practical help (shelter, care, detox etc.) and spiritual help (a possibility to experience the love and grace of Jesus). Getting 'clean' can happen in any regular clinic, but staying 'clean' is only possible with the help of God.

Visiting Dennis Griffith house in Slovenia
Jim & Lynda raised 3,328 euro (so far) with their homeless honeymoon and funds are still coming in. We expect to be able to give a donation of 3,500 euro to the Dennis Griffith rehabilitation home (watch the video!) in Nova Vas, Slovenia. Part of the money will be used for the purchase of safety gear (do you remember project chain saw back in 2011?) because the men are getting more and more jobs cutting trees.

Our heartfelt thanks goes out to Jim & Lynda who went on this adventure and of course to everyone who sponsored them by giving a donation. The team in Nova Vas will be very, very happy!