Thursday, December 29, 2016

Cross and the switchblade in Albania

Coffee house Tirana, Albania
The work of Teen Challenge among the homeless and drug addicts often begins in so-called coffee houses. Coffee houses are meeting places where once a week or several times a week the door opens for people who need a chat, prayer and coffee, of course :)

How do people know where to find a coffee house? Well, simply because Teen Challenge teams hand out flyers and invitations on the street and at methadone clinics for example. Starting a coffee house is like planting a seed that will bring change to a nation ...

Blerina & Orges Hysenaj
Orges & Blerina Hysenaj live in Tirana and last year they started a coffee house in Albania. We were able to be of service with a financial gift for the start-up, a visit and through maintaining regular contact.

Orges now has quite a group of interested men who visit his coffee house, most of them are in serious addictions. Yet, Orges gives Bible studies and has conversations with the men about Jesus and His love for mankind. One day he expects to open up a Teen Challenge rehab center in his country!

One way to get in touch and seriously talk with addicts is still the book 'The Cross and the switchblade' by David Wilkerson (the founder of Teen Challenge). The book has been translated into more than 30 languages ​​and millions of copies have been sold.

The books are distributed throughout the world and used to reach the homeless and drug addicts with the good news that another life is possible if you choose to live with Jesus Christ!

The book is currently being translated into the Albanian language and Orges wants to print 2,500 copies for distribution. We want to help him to pay for the costs of translation and printing of the book. We know that the message will bring hope and a chance for a new life will to many Albanians.

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