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Friday, May 12, 2017

European spring tour 2017 (1)

German, English and Dutch prayer partners
Traveling Light offers threefold support and encouragement to existing Christian organizations and communities in Europe and the Mediterranean: practical, financial and spiritual.

The fundraising is clear, you can read all about it on this blog. We give practical help for example during the work weeks we organize in Italy. But spiritual encouragement, what exactly does that mean?

To give you a little bit more insight, we will share some highlights about our recent trip throughout Europe on this blog. We visited five countries, drove 4200 km and ended at the European Teen Challenge conference in Rimini, Italy.

Prayer for the Franceschin family
Together with our friends Jim and Lynda Hayes we first drove to Potsdam, Germany. We have good contacts with the Nehemiah Gemeinde there. We participated in a 24-hour prayer event during which we prayed with believers from various churches. We received clear words (of knowledge, wisdom and prophecy) from the Holy Spirit while praying/singing. Words that were a huge encouragement to the local church. On Sunday Marja preached an inspiring message during the morning service.

El Rastro, a very hip and happening shop
We also visited Casa Bet-El, a drugs- and alcohol rehabilitation center for men on the outskirts of Berlin. Vito and Anna Katrin Franceschin are the leaders there and last year they invited us to come and visit. What a wonderful work these lovely people do! We felt privileged to pray for them personally and prophetically.

Christian, Jan and Anna Katrin
Part of the cost of running the rehabilitation center is paid through the profits from their second hand store El Rastro... which we visited as well. The men in the program pimp old furniture which they sell in the store, such a great job!

All visits, speaking engagements, meals and overnight stays in Germany are arranged by our friend Christian Zedler, whom we affectionately call 'our manager' :) The hospitality and enthusiasm with which we are being received over and over again is absolutely wonderful. It greatly encourages us.

On to Poland!

PS: We travel on our own expenses. All donations for Traveling Light go towards the projects, not to us.

Gifts (large and small) for the various projects are always welcome! St. Traveling Light, Papendrecht IBAN: NL91RABO0118582275 BIC: RABONL2U.

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