Saturday, July 29, 2017

Report summer camp Ukraine

Our fabulous and pretty interpreters
We promised to write a short report of our visit to Ukraine earlier this month. We were invited to participate in the annual summer camp organized by Teen Challenge and the Jewish Messianic Congregation Yahad from Berdychiv.

About 250 men and women from various rehab centers were present, a number of foreign guests (including us) and five special ladies: our interpreters.
Lunch time

The camp was held just outside the village of Raygorodok (Zhytomyr region), about 20 minutes drive from Berdychiv. We've had such a great time together, actually it's not possible to describe it, it would be worth a television documentary.

The camp is organized specifically for men and women who are currently in rehab centers, recently finished a program or should be entering a program soon.  They are all so hungry for God's truth, love and mercy.

Enthusiastic students
Every morning we started with peeling potatoes and cutting cabbage, after which there was a time of music and dance and then breakfast. Every morning the guests could choose which teaching/workshop they wanted to attend. We had the opportunity to teach on the following themes during the week: God's will and His plan for your life, relationship with the Holy Spirit, and new life, old habits. We received a lot of grateful and enthusiastic responses to our simple, practical teachings

Ministry time
In the afternoon there was time for sports, playing and creativity. In the evening there was always a variety of programs, but for sure a lot of music and dancing. Throughout the day, until late in the evenings we had the opportunity to pray with people, listen to their stories and questions and minister God's love.

In prayer, we received many words of knowledge, wisdom and prophecy from the Holy Spirit, which was absolutely great! If you see how it encourages and builds up people, you just know: this is what God's  Spirit wants to do through people!

Greetings from the women's home
Our friend Sergey Romanenko took us to see the women's home, which was purchased in 2014 with help of Traveling Light.

We also got a tour of the men's home, where they are currently building an addition (also thanks to your gifts).

We visited a small Jewish museum and the Carmelite Monastery in Berdychiv.

Handing out Russian editions of 'Grace of Giving'
Our friends Henk & Adrie Swijnenburg were also in Ukraine during this time to visit some friends. They drove their car and brought a big box of books (Russian edition of Marja's book Grace of Giving) to the camp.

We were able to give away many books. In the meantime, we have received several thankful messages through FB and email from people we prayed with or who are reading the book.

Celebrating rebirth
The gratitude we experienced throughout the week was truly overwhelming. It is fruit of the investments we all make. Without your gifts and prayers, Traveling Light could not exist.

The man next to Marja (see picture on the left) responded to Jan's invitation to give his life to Jesus. With that decision he turned away from a life of addiction, homelessness, crime and hopelessness. If the whole trip had been for him alone, it was very much worth it!

Dear friends, we are so very happy to share GOOD news from Ukraine. Changed lives, a growing church, people who  have hope for their country. Our encouragement and prayers are vital!

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- The thermometer for project expansion women's home Belarus  has risen to 5,000 euro!
- The next project will be for Teen Challenge in Croatia
- In addition, we will soon post about a trip Brian Slater from Israel is planning.