Thursday, September 21, 2017

Project work of Brian Slater in Israel

Brian Slater
Those who have been following our blogs for a while, know that we visit Brian Slater in Netanya, Israel almost every year. He is the founder of Abundant Bread of Salvation, an organization that offers help to Holocaust survivors, the poor and the elderly and also to new immigrants and single mothers.

Brian runs a food bank, clothing distribution and soup kitchen in Netanya and whenever we are in Israel, we enjoy volunteering with him. It is always a great opportunity to chat with the people who come for help (in German, English, Hebrews and Yiddish with many gestures of course). Volunteers come from all over the world.
Brian with Nachum (in the middle)

He is currently in the USA for a series of speaking engagements and presentations. The special thing about this trip is that he is traveling together with Nachum Kerpilevich, leader of the Association of Concentration Camps and Ghetto Survivors of Israel, Netanya Branch. This man is 84 years old and it is his first trip to America.

Brian had asked us some time ago if we wanted to help cover the costs for this trip. There is a lot of things to organize and take care of when traveling for two weeks in the USA. Meanwhile, the work in Netanya continues.

Location of food bank / soup kitchen in Netanya
If you want to know more about Brian's work in Netanya, it is really worth checking out his blog or Facebook page!

Of course we want to support Brian, his work in Israel and the trip in the USA. The proceeds of our 2nd hand shop Twinkeltje over September will all go towards this project. During our special Israel night on September 30th, we will also project pictures of Brian's work in Netanya.

If you want to help us with this, please send your gift to IBAN: NL91RABO0118582275 BIC: RABONL2U St. Traveling Light in Papendrecht. Make sure to mention ISRAEL.

PS: For our current project Teen Challenge Armenia we have already received over 3,000 euro! Gifts are still welcome.