Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Project youth coffeehouse, Ukraine

Natalya Havrilyuk
Donations for the women's house in Romania and the girls' house in Moldova are pouring in, thank you. Always nice to get positive response to our blog posts :)

A project we also want to encourage by sponsoring, is the youth coffeehouse in Raygorodok, Ukraine.

Natalya Havrilyuk (наталия гаврилюк) is no stranger to Traveling Light. She is involved in the work of Teen Challenge, namely in the women's home in Berdychiv and we have seen her at work during the summer camp last July, where she was in charge of the children's work.

Natalya has had the idea to start a coffeehouse for young people for a while. Usually, the idea of ​​a Teen Challenge coffee house is to reach homeless people, addicts and unbelievers with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Great turn-out
But why wait until people are deeply in trouble? Prevention work is certainly important as well... reaching children and teenagers before they get in trouble.

And so she started youth work in her village Raygorodok. Through her work with Teen Challenge she has good contacts with the parents of the children, with the schools and the municipal administration. They are all happy with her initiative which brings in many children and teenagers.

And thus, funds are needed to rent the space, to share food and drinks, to buy craft supplies and reading materials etc. etc. And ... as you can see in the picture, it would be nice if there was a heater  in the room!

The nice thing about this kind of project is that we know Natalya personally and for years we have cherished good contacts with Sergey & Ira Romanenko who oversee the work of Teen Challenge around Berdychiv. We can assure you that the money will be spent well!

Gifts for the youth coffeehouse in Raygorodok, Ukraine are most welcome to IBAN: NL91RABO0118582275 and BIC: RABONL2U St. Traveling Light in Papendrecht. Make sure to mention YOUTH UKRAINE.


PS: In the picture on the left you see Natalya during the Hanukkah celebration that was recently organized for everyone from the men's and women's rehab centers and was held in the new addition of the men's home, also sponsored by Traveling Light. Cool!

More pictures to follow ...