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Thursday, March 8, 2018

Project garlic farm, Georgia

New years lunch at the Bible school
On January 1st of this year we visited the Iranian training center and farm of CIC Mission (check out the website!) in Georgia.

We have supported them several times over the last few years with donations for various things: the construction of the training center (the Bible school), the purchase of a number of dairy cows and the construction of a small farm house for workers, just to name a few.

The Bible school is now finished and in full use, especially by (new) believers from Iran and Azerbaijan. It looks beautiful! It is also the place where the printing and publishing of books and flyers is being done. Marja's book Grace of Giving in Farsi language is one of the publications. A translation in the Azeri language is being considered.

CIC Mission publishing house
Pastor Reza is the founder of CIC Mission and he wants to reach as many Iranian and Persian people as possible with the good news and disciple them, and give them social and economic development opportunities. The farm offers employment in the area and generates income to run the training center.

The farm currently has a barn where dairy cows are being kept. Reza was recently in the Netherlands to learn more about dairy farming. Further more there is a small farm house now where the workers live that are connected to the Bible school, it also functions as a men's rehab. Fruit trees have been planted as well as a number of hectares of garlic.

Last year's harvesting
It is for the upcoming garlic harvest that CIC Mission is now asking for help. Georgia can officially export garlic to all European countries because of a free-trade agreement. A nice opportunity! This does require several things: harvesting equipment (implement for tractor), packing boxes and tools and the building of a wooden platform to dry garlic.

We are witnesses of the wonderful work that is being done there. Recently they also started a creative project for the women of the village: 'Work of her hands'. More about that in one of our future blog posts.

The motto of CIC Mission fits perfectly with that of Traveling Light: Go, and make disciples of all nations.

You can (indirectly) help to fulfill the great commission in that region by supporting project GARLIC. You can send your gift to IBAN: NL91RABO0118582275 BIC: RABONL2U St. Traveling Light in Papendrecht. Make sure to mention GARLIC.

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