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Thursday, September 5, 2019

Phase 2 project Teen Challenge women's home, Lithuania

Visiting the women's home in Slienava
Last year we were able to give a nice donation towards the replacement and raising of the roof of the Teen Challenge women's home in Lithuania.

We have been in regular contact with directors Edvardas & Rasa Kleinas and this last July we visited them for the second time.

The existing roof construction has since been replaced by a whole new construction that makes the house much higher, creating a huge space on the second floor.

New roof construction
It has been quite a job to close the roof, insulate everything, lay new beams and a floor and replace all windows. The women and children have temporary shelter in the smaller house on the same property. The time has come to install electricity and plumbing and finish off the various rooms.

We shared a devotion with the women and ministered to them personally. We enjoyed a delicious lunch and went on to visit the Teen Challenge men's home where we also did a Bible study and took time to pray with several of the men in the program for healing and restoration.

Ministering at the Teen Challenge men's home
In that same weekend we visited the city of Rukla, where unemployment is very high. Rukla used to have a large Russian army base that provided jobs for many residents. After the fall of communism, unemployment grew drastically, as well as increasing alcohol and drug abuse and crime. It seems very hard for the people to get out of that negative rut.

The kids club in Rukla
A group of volunteers from Kauno Krikščionių Bažnyčia, the church in Kaunas, has started a kids club in Rukla. What a fantastic job they are doing there. The children came running in. They sang songs together, learned a Bible verse, played games, enjoyed arts and crafts and ate pizza.

A number of children then took us into the neighborhood, they wanted to show us where they lived. They thought it was a cool to have foreign visitors. There were people everywhere who were drunk or high ... some being parents of these children.

Into the neighborhood...
Sunday we spoke in the church in Kaunas, you can listen to the message here. After the church service we talked and prayed with people for hours, with the patient help of our interpreters!

We are looking back at a very special visit. We talked with many people, seen a lot, heard a lot and above all received lots of gratitude from everyone involved, for the help and support that Traveling Light offers.

It is so rewarding to see that donations are well spent, that lives are changing and that people have hope for their city and country!

Preaching at Kaunas church
It would be nice if the women's house could be used before winter arrives. They still need funds for the house to be finished.

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