Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Update women's home Teen Challenge Berdychiv, Ukraine

Earlier this year our alternative ice skating campaign brought in 7,000 euro and those funds have been used for the purchase of a house in Ukraine where women can live with their children. Women who come out of a life of addiction, prostitution, and sometimes homelessness.

In March we announced that the house had been purchased! It is now almost time for the house to be put into use. Here is a quick update.

The first thing they did was to move the kitchen from the hallway to a separate room. And of course, this kind of renovation work brought other things to light that needed fixing. 

Although the house was in living condition, many things were in need of repairs in order to have comfortable conditions for women with children.

They landscaped the garden and put part of the fence up. They also connected the sewage system from the kitchen to the street. The house has now all new electrical wiring, plumbing in the new kitchen, and a heating system in the dining room.

They already purchased a refrigerator, washing machine, bunk beds, new pillows, mattresses, and two sofas. So, it is beginning to look like home! Work still needs to be done in order to build a playground for the children and to make a garden house for summer studies, communication, and holding services.

A classroom has yet to be set up on the second floor and a few doors still need to be bought and installed. 👉 Anyway, the plan is to open the house at the end of August!

Sergey Romanenko emailed us last week that the engine went out in the Volkswagen van that is used for the various Teen Challenge rehabilitation homes. This causes quite a problem in transportation.

Perhaps we can help them with that as well. The engine can be replaced, approximately 2,000 euro is needed to replace it.

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