Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Project solar heating Comunita Brezzano, Italy

Recently, we visited our friend Maria Meier in Italy. Maria runs Comunita Brezzano, a Christian therapeutic community in the interior of Tuscany. People with all kinds of problems (psychological, addiction etc.) can stay there for an extended time, rest, and get to know God better.

Comunita Brezzano exist thanks to donations, partial government support for each guest, and the sale of local produce.

They also receive people doing community service, they are put to work in the surrounding villages maintaining flower beds and painting village benches, nice work!

We (Jan and Marja) rented guest house Casa Shalom for a week and enjoyed a wonderful vacation. It was also a great opportunity to catch up and gather some information to support a new project.

On the roof of the men's house Casa Nuova they want to place two (used) solar collectors for hot water supply. This will make a significant difference in the electricity bill.

In addition, they want to connect the existing hot water boiler (which is also heated by solar energy) to the central heating and radiators in Casa Shalom.

So no more wood-burning stove to heat the radiators, but solar energy. In this way, the house can also remain better heated in the winter months.

Traveling Light would like to help with funds. If you want to join us, please

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