Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Project women's home Teen Challenge Georgia

We have supported the work of Teen Challenge in Georgia throughout the years with various donations and visits. Directors Kuanysh and Madina Akkuzova visited us in Twinkeltje back in 2019.

Teen Challenge Georgia staff and volunteers run a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center for men in Tbilisi, a women's home and training center in Batumi, and an active and vibrant church and Sunday school in Tbilisi.

They also do street work and are involved in activities for children from refugee camps.

Not so long ago, thanks to donations, they were able to buy a house in Tbilisi that already functions as rehabilitation and shelter for women who, for whatever reason, are not safe elsewhere.

However, there is still a lot of renovation work to be done to make the house habitable according to the rules for a larger group of women and their children.

Think of insulation, expansion of sanitary facilities (there is now only 1 toilet and shower), good heating, upgrade kitchen and equipment, furniture, painting, and wallpapering. They also depend on donations for such a project!

We are of course happy to help make that possible. Every human life counts and it is precisely these kinds of small-scale projects that have a major impact on families and their environment.

It is very encouraging for us to read the newsletters and to see that the work is expanding, yes despite the difficult circumstances (lockdowns, political conditions, economic malaise etc.) everyone is dealing with at the moment.

The message is always: Don't give up, there is a lot of work to do!

If you want to help, please choose one of the following ways:

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