Saturday, January 8, 2022

Project fruit trees Teen Challenge Lebanon

We are supporters of the construction of a faith based drug and alcohol rehabilitation center in Lebanon.

About two years ago, our friend Garo Margossian began the construction of a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center in Beirut. Garo is the founder of the nonprofit organization No For Drugs (NFD), an organization dedicated to promoting drug prevention. They offer awareness campaigns, prison ministry, and legal aid.

NFD is part of Global Teen Challenge and we have known Garo for years from the Teen Challenge conferences in Europe.

The construction of the center is taking place in phases. Every time funds are available, the work continues.  The roof is on the building now, all windows and doors have been placed.

The center is expected to open this year!

Garo is good at thinking ahead 😀 He is currently raising funds to plant fruit trees around the house, preferably as soon as possible, so that when the house is occupied, harvesting can be done within a short time. 

Of course, in addition to purchasing young trees, an irrigation system is also needed. We believe with him that this is a nice investment that will pay for itself in years to come.

The plan, according to the project application, is to use part of the proceeds from the fruit sale to help the poor. With his team, Garo has been supporting 200 families since the country has been in a serious economic and financial crisis.

If you want to help, please choose one of the following ways:

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