Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Project support coffeehouse The Bridge, Macedonia

Last year March we were able to support the work of Jordan & Vesna Stoilovi in ​​Macedonia with the proceeds from Twinkeltje. They run a coffeehouse in Tetovo.

It's been a while since we visited coffeehouse The Bridge, but that doesn't mean we've forgotten them!

We regularly receive newsletters and stay well informed about what is going on in Tetovo, a city in the north western corner of the country where mainly people of Albanian descent live. The vast majority of the population is Muslim. Others belong to the Greek orthodox religion.

Jordan wants to reach the people in his city who do not know the love of God. He is present in coffeehouse The Bridge a few days a week, where he talks with visitors.

He also studies the Bible together with those interested and last month, in collaboration with friends from the USA, a street outreach campaign was organized which attracted many people.

They handed out more than 200 water bottles labeled with a Bible verse and The Bridge's phone number. The evenings were very encouraging for the team and for Jordan himself, who sometimes feels frustrated that he only reaches a handful of people, while in reality he could reach many more.

That is understandable, yet every person is important in the eyes of God. It is not always about large numbers, but about the love that is distributed to individual people who do not (yet) know Him.

We certainly want to encourage Jordan and Vesna to keep going and continue to invest time and kindness in people's lives in order to reach the farthest corners of Macedonia with the good news that there is a faithful God who loves all people.

Do you also want to contribute to spreading the good news in Macedonia?

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