Sunday, December 10, 2023

Travel report Lithuania

"It's for a good cause," people often say, especially in December. But what is that good cause? As far as we at Traveling Light are concerned, it is clear: we invest in human lives!

👉Thanks to your support, we can support Christian organizations and initiatives in more than thirty countries in Europe that provide help to people in need. These could be addicts, homeless people, the poor, displaced, widows, and orphans. The support we offer consists of financial help but also of encouragement on a relational and spiritual level through visiting.

For example, we (Jan and Marja) were in Lithuania last October. We were invited to speak at the annual Teen Challenge conference in Kaunas. Prior to the conference, we visited the women's and men's rehabilitation centers. We also visited there in 2018 and 2019. It's nice to see what has changed in the meantime.

The second floor of the women's center is now completely finished from the inside. What beautiful spaces they have become: bedrooms, sitting room, sanitary facilities, and a beautiful classroom!

There was time to share God's Word and to personally pray with all the women currently going through the rehab program. These are always very special moments and it is an enormous encouragement for the women that 'foreigners' come along to share a word of knowledge, wisdom, or prophecy with them. The tears flowed frequently.

The Friday before the Teen Challenge conference was a special day for the staff and volunteers. We stayed in a farmhouse in the woods and had plenty of time for conversations, prayer, music and singing, and sharing meals together. We had the opportunity to share an encouraging word and personally pray with many for healing, recovery, strength, and vision.

On Saturday we spoke at the Teen Challenge conference in Kaunas. Several former addicts shared their testimonies. 😁Ah, that's why we do what we do: to see lives cahnged for eternity!

On Sunday we spoke in the church in Kaunas, Kauno Krikščionių Bažnyčia. A church led by pastor Rytis Berūkštis with a big heart for the work of Teen Challenge! After the service, we talked and prayed with people for hours, thanks to our interpreters.

Every donation that goes to Traveling Light, whether it is 5 or 500 euros, benefits the projects we support. We call them 'projects' for convenience's sake, but ultimately it is about people stepping out of darkness into the light.

Edvardas and Rasa Kleinas are the directors of Teen Challenge Lithuania. Edvardas knows what it is like to be addicted and in prison. He also found his true freedom in Jesus Christ and has been committed for years to helping others find that path, that truth.

💓Jesus gave the command to disciple all nations and in this way, we all help. So do not see your gift as money that you 'give away' but as seed that you sow in God's Kingdom. The changed lives are the result!

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