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Friday, February 8, 2013

Follow-up Project Coffeebus Teen Challenge Czech

coffee bus for TC Czech
Well, this will be the coffee bus for Teen Challenge Czech Republic. A beauty, isn't it?

At the end of last year we donated 5,000 euro towards the purchase of a second hand city bus. It tuned out buying and importing a second hand city bus was more complicated than we first expected. So, we all started looking for a minivan or motor home. In the meantime Teen Challenge received some more gifts towards this project and a few weeks back they were able to purchase a motor home which will be used as a mobile coffeehouse for outreach purposes. Hooray!

A camper will be much easier to drive around and to park. No special drivers license is needed and of course a camper will be much cheaper in gas, insurance and taxes. So, all in all, this is good option. They will still need an additional 1,500 euro for winter tires, logo's and adjustments to the interior. Surely we want to help them with that.

coffee bus TC London
Some other Teen Challenge programs in Europe have similar coffee buses, It is a great practical way to reach the homeless, addicted and prostitutes where they are: in the streets. 

coffee bus TC Ireland
This is a great follow-up project for Traveling Light. We have plans to visit Teen Challenge Czech Republic in April, so we will be able to see the bus with our own eyes :) We already received more than 1,000 euro in donations, so we're getting close to our goal! If you think this is a good project, please make a donation and help Teen Challenge in Czech Republic to reach more needy people with the love of Jesus Christ!