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Monday, February 25, 2013

News + thank you notes

Bible study with ex-heroin addicts in Tuscany

We have just returned from a vision trip throughout Northern Italy where we visited and encouraged believers. The people we visited are putting their faith into actions in different ways: evangelism, outreach, rehabilitation, church planting etc. We wanted to see and experience how God is at work in, sometimes hidden corners of, Italy.

During this trip we found ourselves smack in the middle of the Book of Acts. People opened their homes to us, shared their delicious food and even let us sleep in their beds while they camped out on the couch! As written in the Bible each one had a word, a song or a prophecy to share as God spoke through His Holy Spirit to all of us. Sometimes about very specific situations. It was such an encouragement to have fellowship this way. We will write more about it on this weblog.

A little more than a week ago we announced our new project Messianic Congregation Kiryat Gat in Israel. Their meeting place burned down after an arson attack where someone threw a molotov cocktail inside. There is much damage to the building and equipment. We would love to help them by sending a gift of 2,000 euro. In the past week almost 1,000 euro came in, so that's going well. Please help us to bless the believers in Israel by sending your donation to Rabo bank nr. 1185 82 275, St. traveling Light, Papendrecht, IBAN: NL91RABO0118582275, BIC: RABONL2U

Having dinner at Sokrat & Lena's house
A project is so much more than just sharing some news on this weblog and fundraising. We try to keep regular contact with the people behind the projects through e-mail, Facebook, Skype, phone- and mailtraffic. Traveling Light received a thank-you note from Sokrat and Lena from Macedonia for the gift resulting from the extreme ice skating event we had earlier this January: "We are positively surprised to discover the amount of money which you have managed to collect for us and our ministry in such a short time. We do not know how to thank you properly. The least we can do is to invite you to visit us again and to enjoy some more great time with us. Meanwhile, we will thank God for you and for all you have done for us."

Also Petr Ministr from Teen Challenge Czech Republic emailed Traveling Light with words of thanks: "Thank you for this wonderful news [the 1,500 euro as follow-up project]. We are excited to see that this project is finishing. The camper is now in a wood shop to be redone from the inside a little... We have the car already written on Teen Challenge and the paper work is done. It is amazing what God does. Thank you for all your support. God Bless you and see you in April"