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Saturday, September 20, 2014


Restart drugs prevention work at schools
Four weeks ago we announced project minivan Restart, Serbia on this weblog. Restart is a non profit organization with the mission to raise awareness about the dangers of addiction and to help addicts and former addicts and their families.They are in need of a minivan for their outreach and prevention work.

The founders Boris & Jelena were heroine addicts for many years until they came to know the love and grace of Jesus Christ in the Teen Challenge program in Serbia. The doctors gave them no hope to become pregnant. But with God all things are possible! They have a healthy baby girl!

In the previous weeks about 3,000 euro came in towards this project. Thank you very much for your quick and generous response. We would love to donate 3,500 euro for the purchase of a minivan. We trust the last bit will come in soon. Boris is looking out for a suitable vehicle.

Jim & Lynda Hayes
Next Friday Jim & Lynda Hayes will be heading for Amsterdam for project Homeless Honeymoon. They will be roaming the streets for a few days, as many homeless people do, and raise awareness about the work among the poor and addicted.

The proceeds of their fundraiser will go towards the work of Teen Challenge in Slovenia. We have already received more than 1,200 euro! You can still sponsor Jim & Lynda by sending your gift to St. Traveling Light, Papendrecht IBAN: NL91RABO0118582275 BIC: RABONL2U. Make sure to mention: HONEYMOON.

The telephone keeps ringing and emails and FB messages keep coming in at Traveling Light. We have direct and personal contact with the people behind all of our projects. We currently have some projects lined up for next month, for example:
  • Half marathon Etten-Leur fundraiser for Bertina House in Donetsk, Ukraine. The women and children in this Teen Challenge rehabilitation home had to leave everything behind, because of the war. They are looking for a new home in a safer location. Big need!
  • Project winter fuel for Teen Challenge rehabilitation and crisis center Winiarczykowka in Poland.
  • Project Beit Hallel Messianic congregation in Ashdod, Israel. In October they will start an Alpha course again!
Women & children Bertina House
And these are only a few of the upcoming projects. As always: small scale, direct, practical and personal help. Without your prayers and financial support we would not be able to take on so many projects. Keep an eye on this blog and/or our Facebook Page.

We count on your support!