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Monday, September 29, 2014

Runners in action for Bertine House, Ukraine

Crazy, sportive, good and fun activities in order to raise funds for small scale, practical projects... that's exactly what we LOVE to do at Traveling Light.

On October 26th the marathon of Etten-Leur will take place in The Netherlands and some wonderful brothers from our church have decided to run as a fundraiser for Bertine House in Ukraine.

Bertine House is a rehabilitation home for mothers and their children in Donetsk, founded by Magne & Olga Gulbrandsen. We know them from several conferences. Bertine House is a beautiful and big house with plenty of room to play.

Bertine House in Donetsk
A few weeks ago the women and children had to leave their home in Donetsk due to the current war situation in that area. They were happy to find temporary shelter in a home in Poltova (which is about halfway between Donetsk and Kiev).

They are now desperately looking for a decent place to live in Poltava, a place big enough for everyone (women, children, staff and volunteers). The current house in Poltava does not have proper sanitary services for so many people and does not have enough room for everyone.

Bertine House gang :)
We love to help them by raising funds which will be used to buy or rent a good house! The children are often traumatized because they grew up with addicted moms (thank God they are clean now) and the current war situation adds even more to that.

Gotta be creative
We want to see the children (and their mothers) in a safe environment. This is a practical project with direct contacts, the money will go straight to the project, nothing will stay behind. Also, Bertine House is part of Teen Challenge Ukraine, which we have good contacts with.

Temporary home
Thomas van Dartel (5 km), Erik Slobben (21 km), André van Slooten (21 km) en Jan Verschoor (21 km) will run to give these women and children a home. You can sponsor them by giving a donation per kilometer and/or per person or by donating a certain amount for finishing the race or by giving a general amount. Everything helps!
ALL donations are welcome. Send your gifts to St. Traveling Light, Papendrecht, IBAN: NL91RABO0118582275 BIC: RABONL2U. Make sure to mention: BERTINE.

They really need a good and safe place to live. Will you help us to make it possible to find that place?

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