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Friday, November 27, 2020

Project Mercy Center, Athens

It has been quite a few years since we supported the work of Elias and Efi Armenis in Greece with a donation.

They are the founders of Passage to Life in Athens, a christian organization dedicated to helping the poor, the homeless, and addicted and sharing the hope that only Jesus can give.

Their Mercy Center is open on various days of the week. In the building they serve hot meals, distribute clothing, offer Bible studies, counseling, advice, and prayers.

During the summer their team did street evangelism in various places, meetings were organized and food packages distributed.

Due to all the restrictions, they decided to move the meetings and activities to the roof of the building. A great solution, as long as it was summer of course ­čśü

Now that winter is approaching, they are looking for a strong and durable tent construction so that the meetings on the roof can continue.

As in many countries, it is not possible at the moment to organize indoor meetings with a group of people ... so they have taken everything outside.

Elias is currently raising funds to purchase a large tent so that the work can continue throughout the winter. The needs are growing in the streets of Athens. We are grateful for people like Elias and Efi and their team who continue to reach as many people as possible despite difficult circumstances,

If you have a heart for Greece (maybe you have been there on vacation) then you can support the street work in Athens by making a donation to NL91RABO0118582275  BIC: RABONL2U Traveling Light, Papendrecht, The Netherlands. make sure to mention ATHENS.