Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Project updates en lots of creativity

It's time to share some news about the use of your donations! Always nice of course 😁 First of all, we'll go to Belgium.

Last summer we sent a donation to the Teen Challenge rehab center in Charlerois, Maison Betser.

They used the money, among other things, to place a roof on the side of the center where all kinds of tools, firewood, and building materials can be stored. In the photo, you can see the first setup.

The proceeds from Twinkeltje and Atelier De Schor from September went to Teen Challenge Winiarczykowka in Poland. They used the gift to purchase beehives and a honey centrifuge/extractor.

The beehives will be decorated in collaboration with school children, a nice way to interact with the local community, and also a piece of education about the importance of balance in nature.

The project is called "Life Challenge" and our logo can also be found on the posters distributed locally to draw attention to this bee project.

The project for the month of October in Twinkeltje en de Schor is Bertine House in Poltava, Ukraine. A Teen Challenge shelter and rehab home for mothers and children.

Earlier this month one of our donors gave a workshop at her home where a group of ladies made beautiful autumn wreaths. The proceeds were for this project! And this week we organized a macramé workshop in Twinkeltje, the proceeds also benefit this project.

These creative meetings are not just a nice way to get together for a great evening and fellowship, but they also bring fun back in fundraising.

Donations for all our beautiful projects are always welcome. You can make us happy with your prayers and a financial gift anytime!

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