Tuesday, July 9, 2024

Travel and project updates

Oh, how quickly time flies. It seems like only a while ago that we were in Iceland. But Jan has now also been to Germany, Slovenija, and Croatia... on his motorcycle this time.

On June 18th, he left after work heading for Slovenija. Together with the staff and students from the drug and alcohol rehab center of Teen Challenge, they drove in a van to Croatia for Čuvar Brata Svoga or the 'My Brother's Keeper' conference.

It was already the eleventh time that Traveling Light participated in this conference. It is an active weekend for men from all Balkan countries (former Yugoslavia) in which reconciliation, forgiveness, unity, and spiritual growth are central themes.

Also this year, a number of men from the TC program in Slovenija surrendered their lives to Jesus! 💓 Reason for great gratitude and joy, of course!

After the conference, Jan stayed, as usual, an extra day at the TC center in Slovenija to teach the Bible, pray with the men, work on cars, and receive prayer!

On the way home, Jan stopped by the former Teen Challenge rehab center Gutes Land in Germany. We have visited there many times over the years. It is our prayer that the farm will be used for this purpose again.


Thanks to your fantastic support, we have now been able to transfer generous donations to:

We sometimes call that a tour of Europe 😁 How wonderful it is to be part of the great commission that Jesus gave us: Go, and make disciples of ALL nations!


For the month of July, the project in our secondhand and vintage shops is the work of Teen Challenge in Iceland. We are closed in August!

The next projects we want to support are the TOV house in the Netherlands, the work of Teen Challenge in Kazakhstan and in Berdichev, Ukraine. More about that soon.

We are always happy with your donations to support all these wonderful projects and programs. You can send a donation in different ways:
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