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Thursday, August 4, 2011

10.000 euro's for Ukraine!

We are so happy and thankful, we want to scream it from the roof tops: the 10.000 euro's needed for the Onyfrievka project in Ukraine are here. We have received the necessary gifts towards the purchase of this building and all we can say is thank you, thank you. Praise the Lord! We started our non profit in faith, not knowing where it would lead us or how things would turn out. All we knew was that we wanted to help Sergey & Mariana.

Today, after sending some e-mails back and forth, we talked with Sergey through Skype. There are some details to be discussed with the owner of the house. We will wait for international bank details and then transfer the money. Jan is planning to go and visit Ukraine when all details have been worked out.

The fact that we have reached our goal doesn't mean that we will stop fundraising :) There is a need wherever we look and we have some other projects in mind that we would like to support. More info will follow.