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Monday, August 22, 2011

5-year old girl starts fundraising

We just want to share with you how the 5-year old daughter of a friend helped us to raise money for the soup kitchen in Netanya, Israel.

Little blond Mara decided that a cupcake sale would definitely bring in some money for this new project that we decided to sponsor. And who would disagree with that? So she headed to the kitchen and, with a little help of her parents of course, started to make some cup cakes. She used colorful decorations to make 'm even look more yummy. Mara then walked the streets in her neighbourhood and sold her homemade cup cakes. Her action brought in 20 euro's, which is an awesome amount for a little girl like that, especially when you're saving up money for a Nintendo.

And you know what we did with the bag of coins she handed us? We prayed over it as Jesus prayed over the loaves of bread and the fish that later fed more than 5.000 people. Anything we put in God's hands will be blessed and multiplied. We pray that many people will receive food and clothing through Mara's act of giving. We are so honored to have supporters like her!